Frame Relay: How This Practical And Popular WAN Protocol Can Be Used For Remote Alarm Monitoring And Control

Frame Relay is a quick and efficient data transmission protocol. The name is given because data is grouped into "frames". Because it makes setting up user equipment relatively simple, Frame Relay has become a very popular WAN protocol.

A wide area network structure that incorporates Frame Relay protocol
With the right equipment, monitoring can be implemented across Frame Relay network segments.

Frame Relay networks are common in a variety of industries, and sometimes a Frame Relay connection is the only one available at a remote site. This presents visibility problem that older monitoring equipment simply isn't able to solve.

How can you see what's happening at your Frame Relay-based sites if your monitoring equipment requires Ethernet or dial-up? You can't. You need native Frame Relay support to achieve your monitoring goals within your available budget.

If you have to make separate purchases for monitoring and Frame Relay data transmission capability, you're on your way to a real headache. You'll be talking with a lot of monitoring equipment vendors and potentially facing a lot of compatibility issues.

Find Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) with built-in Frame Relay support and you won't have to struggle with any of those issues. You'll get the monitoring functionality and Frame Relay connectivity you need in a package your budget can easily handle.

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