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WAN Alarm Monitoring: Remote Site Protection for Wide-Area Networks

Wide Area Network (WAN) alarm monitoring is the practice of collecting alarms across a WAN, as opposed to traditional Local Area Network (LAN), dial-up, or dedicated circuits. This has posed a challenge for network design, as Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) with direct WAN connectivity have been less than commonly available.

Application drawing of a WAN alarm monitoring solution

New RTUs make WAN transport easier to use.

Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) that support direct WAN connectivity and eliminate the need for additional transport converters are changing this landscape. These versatile RTUs give you visibility to sites connected only to your wide area network. Some include workgroup switches to provide LAN connections for other remote site devices.

Are sites on your WAN currently unmonitored? That's a recipe for disaster, and solutions used to be complicated and costly. Now, with the introduction of WAN alarm monitoring equipment, you have the ability to see events at your WAN sites that could impact your uptime. Now you can correct problems before they become service-affecting outages.

The NetGuardian 216T by DPS Telecom is one such RTU that has the ability to interface directly with your WAN. What sets the NetGuardian apart, is its capability to remotely monitor additional devices simultaneously.This remote is a T1 and Ethernet-based remote with a wide temperature range and support for SNMP & DCPx reporting protocols, as well as standard link protocols Frame Relay/T1 and PPP/T1. And because the NetGuardian 216T has an integrated 7-port switch, you can bring LAN to 7 other external devices at the site without Ethernet and without purchasing a separate T1 router. The NetGuardian 216T is 1 rack unit and supports 16 "software reversible" discrete alarms to connect both N/O and N/C alarm wiring. The NetGuardian 216T comes equipped 6 analog inputs, D-Wire, and a 1-port terminal server so you can remotely access a serial device using Telnet.

If you're only monitoring sites within reach of your LAN, you're running a big risk. If you don't invest in a WAN-enabled RTU, you won't know about developing problems until it's too late.

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