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Frame Relay RTU: Combining Affordable Transport and Traditional Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) Capabilities

Frame Relay Transport

A Frame Relay Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) (also known as a "T1 RTU") provides visibility of your remote sites. Its key benefit is the ability to communicate over a Frame Relay connection instead of or as an option to standard Ethernet. When you don't have LAN available across your Remote Alarm Monitoring and Control network, and need Frame Relay for some segments, a Frame Relay RTU can be the perfect solution. You can support your revenue-generating equipment with robust monitoring and LAN connectivity through the RTU.

Example T1 Frame Relay RTU

An example T1 Frame Relay RTU providing affordable connectivity to remote sites.

Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) Capabilities

A Frame Relay RTU will accommodate multiple discrete and analog inputs. This gives you considerable flexibility for interfacing to telemetry sources at your remote sites. Dry contact or open collector outputs are both supported by well-designed discrete input circuits.

Frame Relay RTUs will also have some number of output relays providing remote control of remote site systems. Relay dry contacts are preferred over open collector outputs for their current capacity and greater circuit switching flexibiilty.

RTUs with integrated workgroup switches (a very valuable option) also provide convenient access to and from LAN enabled equipment at the remote site over the Frame Relay network.

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