T1 Site Monitoring Introduction

T1 site monitoring is a major development in the quest for maximized network uptime. With it, you can monitor events at sites where you never could before. Because you don't need LAN, all of your outside-plant locations may be easily monitored. You can also bring LAN to other pieces of equipment that would otherwise not have connectivity. What's more, Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) that specialize in T1 site monitoring can do all of this in only 1 RU, saving precious space on your racks.

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Outside Alarm Monitoring

T1 alarm monitoring is an excellent way to get remote site visibility in places where you never could before. Just because you don't have Ethernet at some of your sites doesn't mean that they're not important to your network reliability.

T1 Alarm Monitoring Functional Diagram
An RTU with T1 support makes
affordable T1 alarm
monitoring possible at
sites with little
available rack space.

All of your remote sites, even those that are only connected via T1, need to have comprehensive monitoring. A T1-capable RTU allows you gain the powerful advantages of T1 alarm monitoring, even if you have tight rack space and budgetary constraints.

Without a specialized RTU, you are forced to purchase and install point-to-point FRAD units to bridge the T1 gap. That eats up more rack space and more budget, to the point where outside-plant visibility might not seem to be worth the cost (in both dollars and physical space).

Purchasing the right RTU not only eliminates the size and space issues of monitoring your distant outside-plant sites, it also brings Ethernet to other site devices. In just 1 rack unit of space, you can achieve T1 alarm monitoring and bring Ethernet to devices at that site.

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