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DPS Telecom Pioneers Single-Rack-Unit Solution for Monitoring Remote Sites over T1

Fresno, Calif. -- DPS Telecom, a leading developer of network alarm monitoring solutions, announced today that it has released a powerful, compact, T1-based RTU that provides the functionality of three devices in a single rack unit.

T1 is a widely used carrier system in standard telecommunications. Originally used to accomodate voice communications, T1 is now more commonly used for high-speed delivery of data. Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom, explains that T1 lines are readily available at many companies. "A good portion of our clients have sites where a T1 connection is very cheap, but the infrastructure for Ethernet would be very expensive," he said. "We saw a clear need for a T1-based RTU that extended LAN, so we took action."

Adding monitoring capability to T1 sites with traditional equipment is very expensive, and squeezing an RTU, T1 router, and a terminal server into a small equipment cabinet can also be a problem. The solution to this problem is a compact, multi-function RTU that can fit at even the smallest sites and requires only one purchase.

After a few short months of research and development, DPS Telecom pioneered a one-rack-unit RTU that could monitor a remote a site over T1. The NetGuardian 216T is an RTU, terminal server, and T1 router in a single box that allows telecom professionals to gain visibility of their remote sites at an attractive cost per unit.

The NetGuardian 216T provides the same core monitoring functionality as the rest of the well established NetGuardian family, including analog sensor inputs and a web browser interface. It also provides LAN access for up to seven additional network elements. Finally, the NetGuardian 216T provides terminal server access to remote serial equipment.

To maximize the number of clients that can take advantage of this new technology, the NetGuardian 216T supports both Frame Relay and PPP, two of the most common T1 protocols.

To ensure that network professionals learn about the many benefits of T1, DPS Telecom has released a new white paper, Monitoring Alarms Over T1. It contains tips and real-world solutions for enhancing network reliability at T1 sites.

"Network managers need to know about this technology. Monitoring alarms over T1 will help them dramatically boost their network visibility," explains Bob Berry, CEO of DPS Telecom. "Our clients and other people in telecom needed answers about this new technology, so we created our new T1 white paper. It's filled with detailed information from our expert technicians, making it a must-read for anyone who is responsible for network reliability."

The DPS Telecom white paper series provides expert insight into achieving high network uptime. The latest addition, Monitoring Alarms Over T1, describes the keys to achieving heightened network reliability at T1 sites while working within strict budgetary constraints. It is available as a free download, along with over 25 other DPS Telecom white papers, at www.DpsTelecom.com//t1-alarm-monitoring/offer.php?pr=1


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