Site Map: Master and Remote Applications

Master Applications

Monitor Every Part of Your Network From One Uniform Platform.

Display Detailed Alarm Information and Instructions to Ensure Rapid and Accurate Response to Network Threats.

Analyze and Process Alarm Data.

Correct Problems Instantly Without Expensive Windshield Time.

Manage Multiple User Security.

Provide Redundant Backup Monitoring.

Remote Applications

The Right Tools for Monitoring Every Part of Your Network.

Report Alarms in the Protocol of Your Choice.

Control Remote Site Equipment.

Stop Wasting Your Staff's Time, Effort, Attention, and Energy.

Receive Alarm Notifications and Monitor Alarms Directly From Your Remote.

Affordable ASCII Alarm Monitoring For Any Site.

Monitoring for Any Size Site.

Maintain LAN Visibility of Your Remote Sites Even When LAN Access is Down.

Economical LAN Connection to Your Serial Devices.

The One-Unit Solution to Integrating Legacy Equipment in Your Network Monitoring.

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