Manage Security Permissions

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Manage Security Permissions

Safely Manage Multiple Users Without Compromising System Security

Your network alarm monitoring system should have the same security controls as any other network service. Many people on your staff may need access to alarm data, but only approved system administrators should have access to the underlying system, its controls, and its configuration database.

An advanced alarm monitoring system is built from the ground up for a modern, multi-user environment. You can set an individualized security profile for each user, precisely defining users' security privileges.

Security parameters can include:

At the lowest permission level, some users may only have permission to view alarms, but not acknowledge them. Ordinary system operators can view and acknowledge alarms. Users with higher-level privileges can edit the system database, and only the highest level of system administrators have access to the entire system.

Securing your system for safe multi-user access makes your alarm monitoring more useful. Access to viewing alarm data can be shared throughout your company, with no worries about compromised security.

Related Prods Show Me Products That Do This ...

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