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Collect Alarm Data From Every Device In Your Network, Regardless of Protocol or Manufacturer

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Collect Alarm Data From Every Device In Your Network, Regardless of Protocol or Manufacturer

An Integrated Multiprotocol Master Eliminates the Need for Specialized Terminals

If you manage a complex network that includes devices from multiple manufacturers that communicate in a variety of protocols, the ideal solution is to integrate your monitoring on a single multiprotocol alarm management platform.

A modern multiprotocol alarm management system can collect alarms from every device in your network, regardless of its protocol or manufacturer. You can eliminate the need for specialized terminals and reduce the number of screens your staff needs to monitor to one. All of your alarm data is integrated into a single display that can show you - at a glance - the state of your entire network.

The Cost Savings of a Multi-Protocol Master

An integrated, multiprotocol master also makes good business sense. Using a single interface for all your alarm monitoring applications will:

  • Create substantial savings in initial expenditure, operational, and maintenance costs
  • Save your investment in legacy protocol devices
  • Give you a smooth transition to advanced telemetry capabilities
  • Allow you to network equipment upgrade costs over several budget cycles, since both old and new equipment types are supported by the multiprotocol master.

Free, No-Risk Engineering Development to Integrate Legacy Devices and Protocols

While DPS Telecom supports over 15 protocols, you may need to use a protocol that we don't currently support. That's no problem - we can add support for the protocol you need, at no expense, risk, or obligation to you.

If you need a custom-engineered solution, your choice of vendor is critical. Many equipment vendors charge up-front non-recurring engineering fees (NREs) for custom engineering and give no guarantee that the resulting work will provide effective monitoring for your network. If the final product doesn't give you the visibility you need, the money you spent on custom engineering is just money down the drain, and that doesn't look good on anybody's record.

You shouldn't have to pay extra for the protocol support that you need. You shouldn't have to take the risk of paying for a solution that may not work. In today's rapidly-changing technology environment, innovation is a standard product - a commodity - and you shouldn't have to pay an extra fee for it with no guarantee of a solution.

At DPS Telecom, custom design is a standard service. Our business has been built on continuous innovation, and we embrace opportunities to design new network monitoring solutions. We have successfully adapted many types of legacy-protocol remotes to work with our advanced telemetry masters, and we can do the same for you. Typically, all that is required is a minimum order.

Our custom solutions are backed by a 30-day, no-risk guarantee. Test the proposed solution under real-world conditions for 30 days, and if, at any time during that period, you decide for any reason that our solution will not meet your monitoring needs, you can cancel your order with no further obligation. It sounds crazy, but in the 15 years we've offered our no-risk guarantee, not one client has returned a custom solution.

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