Monitor ASCII Devices

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Monitor ASCII Devices

Monitor and Control ASCII Devices from Your Alarm Management Console

Any device that exports ASCII text, such as PBXs, switches, and routers, can be monitored and controlled from a multiprotocol alarm management system. Information from the raw ASCII text is extracted and processed according to rules defined by the user. You can even set up auto-databasing rules, so even previously undefined alarms from ASCII devices are automatically databased and processed.

An advanced alarm management system will provide the highest quality visibility of your ASCII devices, with support for:

Integrate ASCII and non-ASCII Devices on the Same Platform

An integrated, multiprotocol master will also poll all your non-ASCII devices, allowing you to consolidate all your alarm monitoring on a single platform. You can eliminate the need for specialized terminals and reduce the number of screens your staff needs to monitor to one. All of your alarm data is integrated into a single display that can show you - at a glance - the state of your entire network.

Using an integrated platform for all your monitoring offers these significant benefits:

Related Prods Show Me Products That Do This ...

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