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How much do you need to know about SNMP to implement SNMP alarm monitoring on your communications network?

Fortunately, you don't need to study SNMP on a theoretical level to make your implementation successful. But there are some SNMP issues that are potential pitfalls, and you need to know how to avoid them.

This paper is a step-by-step guide to SNMP alarm monitoring implementation, focusing on the practical problems that can arise and how to solve them.

Table of Contents

4. Why Should You Come to DPS Factory Training
5. SNMP Implementation: Introduction
6. SNMP Implementation: Introduction
7. Step One: Survey Your Existing Data Transport
8. DPS Telecom Remote Site Survey
9. Potential Pitfall: High Cost Migration
10. Let DPS Help You Survey
11. Migrate to LAN
12. Step Two: Survey Your Existing Equipment
13. Potential Pitfall #2: High Costs of Replacing Non-SNMP Equipment
14. SNMP MIB Guide Step 3: Gather the MIB for each piece of SNMP equipment
15. Potential Pitfall #3: Losing Valuable Monitoring Capabilities
16. Step Four: Plan Your Migration Budget
17. Potential Pitfall #4: Manpower Costs
18. Five Essential Features
19. What Equipment Can be Mediated to SNMP
20. Protocol Mediation Solution
21. Proven SNMP Mediation
22. Protocol Mediation Works
23. Protocol Mediation Options
24. T/Mon Works
25. Price Justification
26. Let DPS Survey
27. Monitoring Consultants
28. Monitoring Consultants
29. Monitoring Consultants Continued
30. Monitoring Consultants Continued
31. Alarm Monitoring Solutions
32. Alarm Monitoring Solutions
33. How to Implement SNMP Monitoring in Your Network Download PDF

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