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T/Mon NOC master station

Field-Tested, Proven SNMP Mediation

DPS Telecom manufactures T/Mon NOC, which can serve as an alarm master for your entire network or as a general protocol mediation solution.

T/Mon NOC can mediate alarms in 25 different protocols to SNMP … and it can mediate alarms to other protocols, as well, like ASCII, DCP, E2A, TABS, TBOS and TL1.

T/Mon can do all this because of the power of its internal database. T/Mon has one common database for all alarms. All alarms that T/Mon receives, whatever their source, are immediately written to one common format.

Once an alarm is in the T/Mon database, it's immediately convertible to SNMP or any other of T/Mon's 14 output protocols.

There's no simpler way to ensure that your equipment is SNMP-compatible. You don't have to hunt for the right MIBs. You don't have to worry about adapting your non-SNMP equipment on your own. If your equipment is supported by T/Mon NOC, it will work with your SNMP manager. It's as simple as that.

What will T/Mon protocol mediation do for you?

• With support for 25 protocols and hundreds of different devices, T/Mon will support all the
monitored equipment in your network. (To get an idea of what T/Mon can do, see the"Partial list of protocols and devices supported by T/Mon NOC" on page 14-15.)

• T/Mon provides a single, one-screen view of all your monitored equipment. T/Mon will tell you 100% for certain whether anything has gone wrong with any of your monitored equipment, so you can be absolutely sure there are no secret problems anywhere in your network.

• You can forward alarm output to multiple targets, so if you need to, you can monitor a large network of diverse devices with T/Mon, and forward all the alarms to several SNMP managers, a TL1-based OSS center, and an ASCII recorder all at once.

• You can filter alarms for the needs of different users. You can select which alarms are forwarded to your SNMP manager, which alarms can be viewed locally on the T/Mon NOC console, and which alarms are just logged to a history file for recording and later analysis.

• At every level of your organization, people can see the information they want without being bombarded with nuisance alarms.

• T/Mon doesn't just support legacy protocols - it also supports legacy transports like dial-up, RS-232, RS-422/485, 202 modem, FSK modem and PSK modem.

Getting a LAN connection to distant remote sites can be the biggest challenge to implementing SNMP and TL1. T/Mon eliminates that problem completely. Equipment and remote sites that don't support IP transport can be effortlessly integrated to your SNMP or TL1 manager.

Actually, this list just scratches the surface of T/Mon NOC's capabilities. For more information about what T/Mon NOC can do for you, check out T/Mon on the Web at www.dpstelecom.com/tmon

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