How Do I Know T/Mon Works?

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T/Mon NOC is not a new or untested product. T/Mon units have been in the field for years, successfully performing SNMP mediation tasks for clients who need stable, bulletproof monitoring to support their mission-critical operations.

What do clients who use DPS protocol mediation solutions say?

"I was looking for a way to integrate our local ILEC region into HP OpenView without a major network change. T/Mon's SNMP responder was the answer. The migration will allow us not only to monitor all alarms in one spot but also build extensive collection reports of our whole network."
Todd Matherne, EATEL

"DPS Telecom gave us a reliable way of accessing a variety of equipment, regardless of the brand or provider. We now have a common interface for our existing system."
Harold Moses, KMC Telecom

"DPS told us we didn't have to pay if it didn't work. It works and it's sweet."
Glenn Lippincott, Southern Company

"It's hard to find companies with the intelligence and aptitude to meet the
customer's exact needs, and I believe that is what DPS is all about."
Lee Wells, Pathnet

If you'd like to see more real-life examples of what people are achieving with T/Mon NOC, check out www.dpstelecom.com/case-studies.

Where Can I Get More Information?

You can get more background information on SNMP and TL1 mediation from the DPS Telecom Web site. We offer white papers, interactive Web demonstrations, online application guides and our bimonthly ezine, The Protocol.

White Papers
•"Five Steps to Successful SNMP-Legacy Integration"

•"The Fast Track Introduction to SNMP Alarm Monitoring"

• Low-Cost Transition to SNMP

•"How to Read and Understand the SNMP MIB"

•"Affordable Upgrades for Older Alarm Monitoring Systems"

Online Resources
• SNMP Applications Knowledge Base: www.dpstelecom.com/applications
• Alarm Monitoring Survival Guides: www.dpstelecom.com/white-papers
• Telecom Network Management Library: www.dpstelecom.com/library

• Free sample issue of The Protocol Alarm Monitoring Ezine: www.theprotocol.com
• Free subscription to The Protocol Alarm Monitoring Ezine: www.dpstelecom.com/subscribe

I'm Ready to Take a Serious Look at T/Mon Protocol Mediation - What Do I Do Next?

Call or email Ron Stover at 1-800-693-0351 or sales@dpstele.com and ask for a free consultation on T/Mon protocol mediation solutions. Ron will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and answer any questions your have.

There's no obligation to buy. You won't be bothered by high-pressure salesmen. You'll just get straightforward information to help you make the best decision about your network monitoring.
You'll get complete information on hardware, software, specific applications, specifications, features and benefits ... plus you'll be able to ask questions and get straight answers.

Price is Only the First Part of Cost Justification - Make Sure Your Vendor Offers Guaranteed Results

Bob Berry
Chief Executive Officer DPS Telecom

In my experience, clients who think hard about cost justification have a more important concern than just price. They want to make sure that they're not spending their company's money on a system that doesn't work as advertised.

That's smart. You have to be careful when working with equipment vendors, especially on protocol mediation projects. Most vendors can't support all your legacy equipment, and they don't have the development capabilities to make integration work.

Some vendors will charge you large NRE (non-refundable engineering) fees up front for custom work, and give no guarantee that the resulting product will meet your performance requirements.

Personally, I think that's a lousy way to do business. I give all my clients a 30-day guarantee: If my product doesn't completely satisfy you, return it for a full refund. If I can't give you a solution, I don't want your money. If I'm doing custom work for you, I don't expect you to pay for it until I've proven that it works to your satisfaction.

Very few vendors will make that guarantee. But you need to demand the best level of service from your vendor to ensure that your SNMP implementation is 100% successful.

Let DPS Help You Survey Your Network - A Free Consultation at No Obligation to You

Determining your alarm monitoring needs can be tough. If you've got a busy job with lots of

Rick Dodd
DPS Telecom
Director of Sales

responsibilities, you don't have a lot of time to evaluate alarm systems and
survey your remote sites.

So why not get help from experts you can trust? DPS Telecom will help you survey your remote sites step-by step, making sure you don't miss any opportunities to make your network monitoring simpler, more effective - and easier on your budget.

"We're not your typical sales department," says Rick Dodd, DPS Telecom Director of Sales."We're design consultants, and a lot of the time we propose solutions that have a smaller sales volume, if it's the right solution for the client."

A DPS expert consultant can help your figure out what alarm system will most effectively meet your needs without overloading your budget. Our goal is to help you maximize your return on investment while minimizing your expenditure - without pressuring you to buy a particular system.
There's no hard-sell sales tactics. No harassing sales calls. No pressure to buy. You won't get any equipment recommendations until we've helped you plan the right monitoring strategy for your network.

There's no hard-sell sales tactics. No harassing sales calls. No pressure to buy. You won't get any equipment recommendations until we've helped you plan the right SNMP strategy for your network.

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