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T/Mon NOC/IAM-5 Remote Alarm Monitoring System: Applications

Newer Hardware Model is Now Available
The T/Mon platform now has a newer hardware version called T/Mon LNX, which includes several new benefits. Visit the T/Mon LNX product page now.
View Top Level Master Application View Visibility to Primary NOC Application
Top Level Master: The T/Mon NOC monitors all your network equipment, regardless of device type, integrating all your monitoring on one uniform platform. You can monitor alarm data from anywhere - your NOC, your desktop or laptop PC, a Web browser, your e-mail, or your pager. Alarm Forwarding With Local Visibility: The T/Mon NOC consolidates alarms from diverse equipment to a single data stream, forwarded to a top-level MOM in the protocol of your choice. At the same time, regional NOC staff and technicians can view alarms within their area of responsibility.
View Top Level Master Application View Visibility to Primary NOC Application
Monitor Alarms from your NOC, Web Browser, E-Mail, or Pager: The T/Mon NOC gives you multiple options for accessing alarm data, including automatic e-mail and pager alerts. Automatic escalation alerts inform supervisors if technicians don't acknowledge alarms. Nuisance alarm filtering silences unimportant alarms, and text messages give precise instructions for resolving alarms. Redundant Backup Monitoring: When two or more T/Mon NOC units are used in a network, one unit can be assigned to be a secondary backup. If the primary system goes down, a protection switch will immediately switch all monitoring activity to the secondary system.
View Top Level Master Application View Visibility to Primary NOC Application
Controlled Migration From Legacy Equipment: Want to upgrade from legacy devices without breaking your budget? With the T/Mon NOC, you can gradually migrate your master and RTUs from legacy to modern over several budget cycles, with no forklift swap outs. Automatically Control Remote Site Equipment: The T/Mon NOC's derived control formulas automatically issue control commands in response to alarm inputs, with no human intervention. The T/Mon NOC fully supports control relays, including relays connected to legacy RTUs.
View Top Level Master Application View Visibility to Primary NOC Application
Graph and Analyze Alarm History: The T/Mon NOC records up to 999,999 system events, which can be viewed in a variety of report formats. Alarm information can also be exported as ASCII text, which can be sent to an after-hours recording device or imported into a database or spreadsheet program for graphing and analysis. Manage Multiple User Security: The T/Mon NOC has built-in features for managing user permissions. Individual user security profiles limit what alarms may be viewed, which alarms may be acknowledged, which controls and system commands may be issued, and what modifications may be made to the system configuration.
View Top Level Master Application
Responsive, Reliable Polling Over Serial, Modem, or LAN: With support for RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, 202 modem, 212 modem, FSK modem, and LAN, the T/Mon NOC fits perfectly with your existing network.

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