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Assign User Profiles for Every Employee and Temporary Site Visitor

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User Profiles integrated into Building Access System

Individual Profiles Allow For Unique Access Parameters

To provide for the best building access control, you need a system master that support individual user profiles. A powerful master with support for many users will allow your company to individualize employee access capabilities without the need for many different keys and locks.

Individual user profiles can even be assigned to temporary workers or outside contractors, giving them the access for only the few days they will need it. This guarantees you will know who is coming and going at all times, allowing you to monitor work performance, even of your outside help.

Advanced System Masters Provide You More Details When Your Site is Accessed

Integrating your access controls with your existing alarm monitoring system enables you to collect much more site access information. Individual user profiles will allow you to:
  • Specify when users can access which sites, right down to the minute
  • Grant temporary employees limited access for a given period with "sun setting" profiles
  • Quickly add a site to a user's profile when access to a new site is needed
  • Monitor who has made every entry and exit to your building

Profiles Are Easily Updated with an Advanced System Master

An advanced building access system will allow you to create and eliminate user profiles directly at your master station. By databasing this information directly within the master, advanced systems allow users to quickly effect access changes throughout the system while making a single update.

The system master can also provide detailed reports on access events using this database. All access event information is stored directly within the master database, allowing you to create a history log all of all access events during any given period. This can be particularly useful in the event of theft or vandalism at one of your sites. This data can be combined with network alarm data as well, letting you know immediately if a visitor to your site has tampered with your mission-critical equipment.

You Need Customized Building Access Controls

You need a system that can be tailored to the unique access needs of your important sites. At DPS Telecom, this custom design is a standard service. Our business has been built on continuous innovation, and we embrace opportunities to design new monitoring solutions.

Our integrated building access systems are backed by a 30-day, no-risk guarantee. Test the proposed solution under real-world conditions for 30 days, and if, at any time during that period, you decide for any reason that our solution will not meet your access control needs, you can cancel your order with no further obligation. It sounds crazy, but in the 15 years we've offered our no-risk guarantee, not one client has returned a custom solution.

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