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Combine Site Access Notifications and Network Alarms into One Browser Screen

An Advanced Alarm Monitoring Master Can Provide Building Access Control Functions

An Advanced Alarm Monitoring Master Can Provide Building Access Control Functions

The T/Mon NOC collects information from a wide variety of equipment, including building access control devices, and displays the status of your entire network of sites in one uniform, easy-to-use interface. You can monitor any type of alarm or access event with the T/Mon NOC.

Your entire database of user profiles can be maintained within your T/Mon NOC database. With space for up to 1,300 unique profiles, you can assign a unique set of access parameters for every employee and outside contractor that has access to your site. This will allow you to specify who can access which sites at any given period, giving you the added security you need.

Local Remotes Provide the Core of a Fault-Tolerant Access System

These access profiles will also be maintained within DPS remotes such as the NetGuardian 832A. This means that every user profile will be maintained in two databases, preventing you from getting locked out of your site in a communication loss. This also allows operators to quickly update profiles across the system, adding or removing users from every access point with just one adjustment at the master station.

The information from the local remotes is maintained in the cascading datatabase of unique user profiles. This means that local remotes can be utilized for access decisions in the event of a communication loss with the master.

No-Risk Custom Design Solutions

You're never taking any risks when you purchase DPS Telecom products. Every building access system we make is customized for the specific needs of the client who orders it. Our client consultation process guarantees that you'll get the complete security for your site, without paying for costly and unnecessary extras. If your existing network has unique access control needs, we'll create a custom design system just for you. And all our products, including custom solutions, are backed by our 30-day no-risk guarantee.

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