An Integrated Building Access System Eliminates The Need For Additional Terminals

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Building Access System

If you currently manage a network monitoring system, the ideal building access and control system would be able to tie directly into your current setup to avoid having to juggle multiple networks with different sets of equipment.

A modern building access system can be directly integrated into your existing network monitoring system. You can eliminate the need for specialized terminals and reduce the number of screens your and your staff have to monitor. All of your alarm data is integrated into a single display that can show you - at a glance - the current status of your entire network and all of your physical sites.

An Integrated Access Control System Substantially Reduces Operating Cost

Integrating your access control with your existing alarm monitoring system is a cost-efficient solution. Using a single interface for all your monitoring applications will:
  • Eliminate the need to deploy 2 systems
  • Eliminate the need for extra terminals and extra system operators, saving labor and equipment costs
  • Allow you to easily manage all of your alarms through a single system
  • Provide detailed historical logging of access events, allowing you to track maintenance and other operations at all of your sites
Related Prods Show Me Products That Do This ...

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