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T/MonXM Version 4.7

T/Mon master station front panel
T/Mon is a central master station that evolves to monitor changing networks.

T/Mon is a central master station. These historical release notes for T/MonXM software may help you identify a feature that you will use in your project.

Remember that most of these features have migrated to newer Linux-based versions of T/Mon. Some T/Mon units run a VM core to support ongoing use of features by long-term DPS clients.

No matter what you want to accomplish with T/Mon, the best way to understand it quickly is simply to call DPS at 1-800-693-0351.

Summary of New Features:

  • Supports the validation of ASCII rules as they are being entered and processed
  • Supports the TMon NOC Remote Status Panel
  • Supports hardware monitoring of System fan speeds and temperatures (TMon NOC and TMon SLIM only)
  • Supports system profiles which allows multiple users to be assigned to a single profile to expedite editing
  • Supports the use of a DNS Server to resolve hostnames to IP address by way of a built in DNS Client. This is useful if the IP address is dynamic but the hostname is static
  • Supports "Priority Polling" for DCP, Larse, Badger and NEC Interrogators. This features allows the user to select certain sites to be polled more frequently than others
  • Supports the monitoring of a NetMediator T2S via the DCPF Interrogator job
  • Supports the processing of SNMPv2c traps via the SNMP Trap Processor job
  • Supports the Silencing of alarms and windows from the Web interface
  • Supports storing history events in a MySQL database via the TMon SQL job
  • Supports the new enhanced TGrafx v2.0
  • Supports automatic syntax checking of ASCII rules. This checks the syntax of the rule you are editing automatically as you go. This also has support for checking the syntax of all ASCII rules at once.

Summary of Enhancements To Existing Features:

  • Doubled the amount of ASCII that can be processed by the ASCII Debugger and also added support for files with a "TXT" extension
  • Added a graphical user interface for selecting multiple windows in the point editor
  • Improved the user interface for editing derived alarms and controls.
  • Added the ability to translate windows in the point editor to help expedite editing of multiple points
  • Added a help screen to the Site Statistics screen
  • Added support for ISO International time formats to the Alarm Format screen
  • Improved the usability of the Pager Scheduled Exceptions screen
  • Added additional diagnostics for verifying correct hardware functionality
  • Improved the user interface for editing email pagers
  • Automatically database system alarms for the NetGuardian and NetMediator T2S when the device is created
  • Increased the length of supported email address to 50 characters
  • Added the user configurable option of displaying new alarms on the top of the Standing Alarms or COS screen
  • Improved the database restoration to display the version of the software which the backup was created from

Summary of Corrections:

  • Resolved an issue with downloading firmware to a NetGuardian
  • Resolved an issue with the HTTP Server becoming sluggish after extended use
  • Resolved an issue with the dialup reporting of KDA Shelves
  • Resolved an issue with moving derived alarms which reference ASCII Templates by using the '*' character
  • Resolved an issue with the Ping Interrogator timeout
  • Resolved an issue with the event counter in the ASCII Test Log screen while acking entries
  • Resolved an issue with sending dialup controls to a NetGuardian or KDA via a BSU
  • Resolved a screen anomaly with the Standing Alarms screen of the Web Page when the descriptions header fields were too large
  • Resolved a screen anomaly with the English window in TWindows
  • Resolved an issue with the TMonNRI alarm events getting out of synch
  • Resolved an issue with the modems assigned to TRIP jobs not answering
  • Resolved an issue with general system sluggishness while posting many timestamp alarms
  • Resolved a polling retry issue with the Larse Interrogator
  • Resolved a screen anomaly issue with editing dialup analog devices
  • Resolved an issue which occasionally resulted in an abnormal restart of the system
  • Resolved multiple issues with the SNMP MIB compiler
  • Resolved multiple issues with the TMon SQL job to provide quicker polling and greater reliability
  • Resolved an issue with the processing of time-stamped alarms from a NetMediator T2S for displays greater than 64
  • Resolved an issue with the sending of dialup pages without a phone number defined
  • Resolved multiple issues with the processing of SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 traps by the SNMP Trap Processor
  • Resolved an issue with establishing a dialup connection to a NetDog via TRIP
  • Resolved an issue with the Network Time Protocol job involving Daylight Savings Time
  • Resolved an issue with dropping ASCII TCP connections
  • Resolved an issue where the history file was not updated when an alarm was automatically acked by initialization
  • Resolved a polling anomaly issue with the DCPF Interrogator
  • Resolved an issue where noise on the DCPF Interrogator job fails to generate an alarm