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T/MonXM Version 5.0

Summary of New Features:

  • Supports the "Export to NGEdit" command, allowing the user to database alarms for a NetGuardian in T/Mon and export to NGEdit.
  • Supports the Automatic Backup job.
  • Supports databasing SNMP Trap Associations in the Alarm Export report.
  • Supports the TMon NOC G2 front panel.
  • XMEdit support for the MAI KeyLok-II security key.
  • SNMP Trap Processor support for sending SNMP SET commands via Labeled, Site, and Derived Controls.
  • SNMP SET Commands report that includes the SNMP SET commands defined for the SNMP Trap Processor job.
  • Support for ASCII device definitions import/export.
  • Supports Trouble Log purging.
  • Supports new TAP Interrogator job.
  • Supports new System Health alarms.
  • Supports AutoLogout for Building Access System.
  • Supports full-detail English summaries for derived alarms/controls.
  • Supports browsing and searching text messages from the Point Definition screen.

Summary of Enhancements To Existing Features:

  • Added support for manually clearing alarms created by the SNMP Trap Processor.
  • Improved debug for the SNMP Trap Processor.
  • Added support for running Pager job on a virtual port when only LAN paging will be used.
  • Improved History Report security allows users to run reports only on their "Viewable Windows."
  • Improved alarm unsilencing security allows users to only unsilence alarms on their "Viewable Windows."
  • Added BAS flag to the Standard History Report for enhanced filtering capability.
  • Increased the length of SNMP Trap variable binding values to 64 characters.
  • Added support for new BAS features, including "Stay Open."
  • Added additional drop-down selection support for time zones to the Network Time and Dialup Time services.
  • Updated the Remote Parameters Help Screen to include the SNMP Agent.
  • Improved the Standard History Report to include the Site/Zone description when logging BAS events.
  • Added the ability to edit the User ID field in System Users when the user is assigned to a Profile.
  • Added internal alarms for TCP data connections to detect when a connection has been dropped.
  • Added the ability to browse windows in the System Users screen when editing View Alarm windows and Ack Alarm windows.
  • COS events are now preserved upon reinitialization or exiting the program. Reinitialization no longer automatically acknowledges alarms, since they will be restored.
  • NTP now supports new Daylight Saving Time dates. A local RTC process will adjust for DST up to 10 days from the change date.
  • Password field for Email Job now displays asterisks only.


  • Added System Alarm when T/MonNRI queue limit of 100,000 is reached.
  • Improved NRI refresh process sends only changed events.
  • Improved NRI syncs Auto-Databasing ASCII.
  • Added T/MonNRI responder port Stat/Performance window, which displays how many items are in the queue.
  • T/MonNRI units now sync version information, enabling compatibility with older T/Mon software.
  • Date and time are now synced from primary to secondary.
  • A user warning will now appear if the user attempts to exit out of Monitor Mode (or the program completely) when there are items queued to be synced.
  • Updated NRI so that passive unit displays countdown prior to going active.


  • Improved ASCII Rules Syntax Checker.
  • Added support for UDP data connection by ASCII Input job.
  • Greatly improved processing speed for ASCII tables.
  • Added user permissions for AQL job.
  • Added additional room for commenting ASCII rules
  • Improved ASCII parsing allows backward cursor movement.
  • Added support for ASCII Auto-Databasing to match on a blank key slot entry by using the $NULL command. Also added the ability to force a match with the $DEFAULT command if all attempts to match the key slot entry fail.
  • Added the ability to the ASCII Processor job to disable TCP keep-alives at the job level.
  • Added F4 shortcut to the ASCII Rules page from the Remote Device Definition screen on an ASCII job. Alt-F4 brings up the full device menu.
  • Changed the ASCII Processor job to automatically break and reestablish its network connection if the connectivity test fails for TCP data connections.

Summary of Corrections

  • Resolved MIB compiler issues.
  • Resolved an issue with blank History "Duration Detail (Incident)" report.
  • Resolved a runtime error issue with discarding non-matching SNMP traps.
  • Adjusted the TL1 read command to work on virtual ports and shelves.
  • Resolved an issue with Hard Drive Mirroring sync intervals.
  • Resolved an issue with duplicate IP addresses being allowed in the SNMP Trap Processor job.
  • Resolved issues with SNMP Trap Processor.
  • Resolved a timing issue with the RTS tail timer on the T/Mon SLIM and NOC.
  • Resolved an issue with the T/Mon SLIM incorrectly enforcing the maximum amount of alarm points available.
  • Resolved an issue in which users could log into the web browser multiple times and consume the available sockets.
  • Resolved an issue with SNMP traps that have more than 5 digits.
  • Resolved an issue with device failure alarms not clearing after initialization.
  • Resolved an issue with derived alarms when T/MonNET is not defined.
  • Resolved several runtime error issues with transitioning from rule to rule in the ASCII Debugger.
  • Resolved an issue with the Trap Associations report getting stuck on display descriptions.
  • Resolved an issue with the DTMF On-Call software modules not allowing the user to define multiple instances of the job on physical ports.
  • Resolved an issue with T/AccessMW dialup connections showing a black screen when returning to WShell.
  • Improved DTMF ack all in process. Fixed several runtime errors. Auto ack'ing is now restricted when DTMF ack site is in progress.
  • Resolved an issue with Trip jobs in which continuous 7's were ignored without timing out or hanging up.
  • Trouble Log data will now retain its date and time when syncing.
  • T/MonNRI Interrogator job will now default to DCPF.
  • Improved the NRI AutoDatabase ASCII point definition and action key transfer, which will only sync points after successful creation on active unit.
  • Silenced alarms will not check for expiration on the passive unit. They will clear when the primary clears the alarm and syncs with the passive.
  • Improved NRI sync to no longer send database.
  • Resolved an issue where derived alarms were processed by a passive NRI unit.