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One RTU — 11 Versatile Functions for Managing Every Part of Your Remote Site

"The NetGuardian does what it says it can do, and actually a lot more" - M. Renne, Program Manager, Heritage Communications

Whatever yourremote site monitoring needs are, you can meet them with the NetGuardian 832A. No other RTU provides so many tools to manage every component of your remote site.

Here's 11 key NetGuardian functions - 11 versatile reasons why the NetGuardian is the right RTU for you:

NetGuardian 832A RTU
The NetGuardian 832A monitors 32 discrete alarms and 8 analog alarms, pings 32 network elements, controls 8 relays, provides LAN reach through access to 8 serial ports, and reports via SNMP or DCPX, e-mail, or pagers.
  1. Report Alarms via SNMP to multiple SNMP managers
    The NetGuardian offers high-capacity SNMP alarm collection, with support for 32 discrete alarms, 32 ping alarms, and 8 analog alarms. The NetGuardian can report to multiple SNMP managers at multiple IP addresses, making it the right fit for any network requirements.
  2. NEBS Level 3 certification for carrier grade reliability
    NEBS certification ensures that the NetGuardian has undergone rigorous testing of electrical, magnetic, safety, and mechanical standards.
  3. Monitor alarms without a master
    You don't need a master to monitor with the NetGuardian 832A. With its built-in Web Browser interface, you can easily access NetGuardian alarm data from any computer anywhere in your network.
  4. Pager and email alarm notifications
    Let your NetGuardian 832A be your own 24-7 NOC. The NetGuardian can send you pager and email alarm notifications directly from your remote sites, with no master needed.
  5. Connect and control remote site equipment with a built-in terminal server
    The NetGuardian 832A also acts as a terminal server for 8 serial ports, giving convenient LAN access to switches, routers, PBXs and more.
  6. Installs for LAN and dial-up connections
    The NetGuardian supports both LAN and dial-up connections, so you can use the same remote for both LAN and non-LAN sites throughout your network. The NetGuardian is the ideal RTU for transitioning your sites to LAN.
  7. Dial-up path provides LAN failure backup
    The NetGuardian supports both LAN and dial-up connections, giving you a built-in alternate data path. If there's a LAN failure, the NetGuardian can dial out to report, giving you continuous visibility of your remote sites.
Over 20 different hardware options. The NetGuardian 832A is a comprehensive and expandable alarm monitoring unit.
  1. NetGuardian Expansion Unit
    Expand your alarm capacity as your remote sites grow
    The base NetGuardian 832A monitors 32 discrete alarms and 8 analog alarms, but you can choose to add up to three NetGuardian Expansions, which can be daisy-chained off one NetGuardian, providing a total of 176 alarm points.
  2. NetGuardian SiteCAM
    Watch your remote sites with Web-based video surveillance
    The NetGuardian SiteCAM gives you the best possible peace of mind - visually confirm remote site security through Web-based video surveillance. The SiteCAM connects to either the NetGuardian's integrated 10BaseT hub or a separate 100BaseT hub.
  3. NetGuardian General LCD Display
    NetGuardian GLD
    Display your NetGuardian alarms anywhere you need them
    The NetGuardian General LCD Display (GLD) presents NetGuardian alarm status anywhere you want to install it. The LCD display shows system status and alarm messages, and the built-in speaker gives an audible notice of alarms. Up to 12 GLDs can be daisy-chained off the NetGuardian. (NetGuardian with optional RS-485 port required.)
  4. Building Access System
    Control site access and entry remotely
    The Building Access System gives you direct remote control of who, when, where and how sites are entered and accessed. The Building Access System is a comprehensive building management system that integrates into an existing alarm management platform. With the system in place, a log of all site access, including the time of day and location that access was granted, is maintained

Need more than 11 reasons?
These 11 advantages should be enough to show you why the NetGuardian 832A is our most popular RTU - but maybe you need more convincing to see why the NetGuardian is the right choice for you. Get the full story on the NetGuardian, including detailed specifications, at the NetGuardian Product Info page.

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