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New Cost-Cutting "SNMP over T1" White Paper Teaches Telcos How to Reduce Their Expenses

Fresno, Calif. - DPS Telecom, a leading developer of network alarm monitoring solutions, announced today the release of their latest white paper, which focuses on monitoring SNMP over T1 lines. This white paper reveals a major development in alarm monitoring technology that uses a simple T1 connection and a 1 RU device to transport SNMP traps, inexpensively drop-off Ethernet for your other gear, and remotely access legacy serial equipment.

Monitoring SNMP over T1 lines has traditionally been difficult and expensive, requiring an array of conversion and mediation boxes. This white paper exposes a powerful concept for eliminating these extra costs.

The Monitoring SNMP over T1 white paper also offers tips for maximizing your ROI, greatly extending your visibility, and protecting your revenue-generating network uptime. You'll read about all the profit-boosting advantages of using T1 to transport SNMP that can reduce your costs and protect your revenue.

You'll also learn about the hidden costs that are eating away at your profits today and how to prevent those costs. The included list of "6 Expensive Outside-Plant Monitoring Options to Avoid" debunks traditional approaches to collecting alarms where LAN isn't available.

"T1 lines are a frequently overlooked opportunity for alarm monitoring," said Mark Carberry, DPS Director of Engineering. "The lines themselves are often very inexpensive, but the equipment for transporting SNMP traps across them has traditionally been expensive. This guide discusses new technology that changes the game by making it cost effective to transport SNMP over T1 lines."

In this white paper, you'll see how a new generation of RTUs allows you to effectively route SNMP traps over T1 wherever you need to.

"DPS is all about helping our clients reduce their operating expenses," said Eric Storm, President of DPS Telecom. "This new SNMP over T1 white paper discusses another valuable way to cut costs by using relatively inexpensive T1 lines."

With the included case study, you'll take a look at a real-world DPS client that went in search of a fully capable SNMP-over-T1 RTU. As you read this feature story, you'll learn exactly where to look to get the device you need - without incurring huge upfront costs or compromising key features.

By downloading and reading this free white paper, you'll also receive an understanding of basic SNMP-over-T1 architecture. You'll also be able to identify all the basic components you'll need and how they fit into your network monitoring system.

At a time when almost all companies are trying to find ways to reduce costs, the SNMP-over-T1 white paper delivers. The guide describes the keys to achieving heightened network reliability at T1 sites while working within strict budgetary constraints. In this way, you'll learn to protect revenue at the same time you're reducing costs.

The 20-page SNMP over T1 white paper is packed with key information and real-world examples. It's available as a free download at www.dpstele.com/snmp/t1/offer.php

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