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The NetGuardian-Q8

You know you've got to monitor your critical communications system, but the only output you get from your QuantarTM are contact closures. You're not sure how to get these contact closures to translate into useful alarm data - and chances are, you probably aren't collecting them.

What you really need is a device that can add monitoring functionality to your existing fleet of radios. Imagine gaining the ability to utilize the latest alarm monitoring technology in your radios. The ideal device would be made with your Quantars™ in mind - something really easy to install and configure...

NetGuardian Q8
Designed specifically for your Quantar™.

Meet the NetGuardian-Q8
This specialized NetGuardian supports up to 8 alarms standard (10 alarms with available order option) that are brought in through the 50-pin connector on the rear of the unit. The NetGuardian-Q8 was designed to do one thing: Collect the contact closures from your QuantarTM and convert them to SNMP. And because the unit has individual LEDs for each alarm point, you'll get the added bonus of local alarm monitoring on the rear of the radio.

Simple Integration for Easy Retrofitting
Designed for the clean integration of your QuantarTM chassis, the NetGuardian-Q8 couldn't be simpler to install. It mounts easily onto the back of your QuantarTM radios, taking up no additional rack space. In no time, you'll achieve SNMP visibility and comply with network monitoring requirements.

The NetGuardian-Q8 allows you to retrofit your previously deployed radios for better visibility into their overall status. Combine all this with IP connectivity for Web browsing and the front craft port for quick diagnostics, and you've got huge monitoring power in a very small package.

Benefits of Integrating the NetGuardian-Q8 with your Quantar™:

  • Ultra-easy installation
  • Turns your radios into SNMP remotes
  • The unit is powered by the QuantarTM - No additional power source needed
  • Takes up zero rack space
  • TTY interface for provisioning of alarms
  • Integrated web browser for monitoring
Installing the NetGuardian-Q8 on the back of your Quantar™ is a simple, 2-step process...

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