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"T/Mon Upgrade: DPS Announces the Release of T/MonXM 6.3..."

T/MonXM 6.3A
This Upgrade Will Make
Your Alarm Master Even
More Powerful...

T/Mon Gold Members, are you ready for the next big breakthroughs from T/MonXM? Have you been anxiously waiting to see what DPS has in store to make your alarm masters even better? After extensive Beta testing, the wait is over...

DPS proud to announce the release of T/MonXM 6.3. This upgrade will be sent to all T/Mon Gold Plan members, and features an impressive array of new features and enhancements for your T/Mon NOC, T/Mon SLIM or IAM-5.

Key Enhancements of T/MonXM 6.3:

  • T/Mon GFX (2 Seats or More)

    Virtually any Windows-based PC on your network can become a complete T/Mon monitoring station, with the full power of monitoring and acknowledging alarms, operating control relays, and generating reports for in-depth analysis of network events. All this is possible with the T/Mon GFX MapPoint interface.

    If you do not currently have a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for your master, you'll receive 2 seats of T/Mon GFX! If you already have T/Grafx - congrats! All your seats will be upgraded to GFX, which boasts a centralized database hosted directly within T/Mon.

  • Expanded SNMP and ASCII Device Capacity

    With T/MonXM 6.3, you'll now be able to monitor 10 times as many SNMP and ASCII devices - up to 9,999!

    T/Mon's SNMP Trap Processor enables it to receive traps from SNMP devices.

    The ASCII Processor module makes it possible for T/Mon to receive information from PBX's, routers, switches, and other devices that transmit ASCII text. This is highly useful because T/Mon can apply all its powerful alarm processing features to ASCII text alerts, just as if they were conventional alarms.

  • CD Writer for Database Backups

    Now, You never have to worry about losing your database and history records with the T/Mon NOC. The T/MonXM 6.3 release allows you to burn backup data onto a CD, in addition to FTP. With this CD Writing function, you'll create backups of your database, history records, and system log!
    NOC only; not available on the IAM platform or T/MonXM workstation.

  • Improved SNMP Databasing

    The SNMP Trap Processor now supports community strings for each device. If the device is not defined, the community string defined for the port will be used. SNMP databasing capabilities have also been improved with pattern matching for variable bindings.

  • Enhanced BAC Performance

    The "BAC compile' and "BAC download' functions have been modified to keep a "mirror image' of what your NetGuardian has in memory. This will allow it to only send what has been changed, which conserves a lot of bandwidth. You'll also have the ability to force a full download for BAC profiles when viewing Site Stats.

Attention all T/MonXM amd IAM users: Call DPS Telecom today at 1-800-693-0351 to learn more about upgrading to the advanced T/Mon NOC platform. You'll be glad you did!

T/Mon Gold Plan members - keep an eye out for your software upgrade!
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