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Energy Northwest Slashes Response Times with T/Mon and Effective Factory Training

Energy Northwest has been a leading power supplier to the Northwest public power community for nearly fifty years. Headquartered just north of Richland, Washington, they provide electricity, at cost, to public power utilities and municipalities. Their staff represents a broad range of professions, from electricians to project managers, nuclear operators to accountants, and pipe fitters to engineers.

Tim King - Energy Northwest

Tim King
Energy Northwest

Shortage of Trained Technicians Posed a Serious Network Risk

Energy Northwest recently encountered a problem with response times at their nuclear power plant. Although their T/Mon NOC was performing reliably, their limited number of key network monitoring personnel were sometimes out of the office, on vacation, or otherwise not available. Needless to say, this posed a significant risk. "Our response times can make or break our department and our company," said Tim King, a technician at Energy Northwest. "We've been concentrating on response times for any piece of equipment that goes down."

Energy Northwest Shifts From A Reactive To A Proactive Position

In an environment where network server and PBX uptime statistics must be constantly monitored, Energy Northwest recognized that training additional staff to monitor its network is a critical part of safeguarding service reliability. With key employees nearing retirement, they needed to train additional employees to ensure that an operator would be available at all times. But with long lists of goals to be accomplished, training would need to be fast and highly effective.

Factory Training Provides Quick and Comprehensive Understanding

Energy Northwest needed a training program that would quickly educate key staff to use its DPS Telecom alarm monitoring system. They found it at a regularly scheduled Factory Training Event at DPS headquarters.

"The training gives you information that you are going to remember later when you need it."

-Tim King
Energy Northwest

In addition to being exposed to a variety DPS hardware and software, King enjoyed learning about the T/Mon features that he would not have been exposed to if he was just learning on his own. "I understood alarms, but I wanted to learn what all the different DPS products could do." King said, adding "DPS has been very responsive to us, and we are confident that we can call them at any time and they will be just as responsive."

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