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DPS Telecom Releases Next-Gen GUI for the T/Mon Alarm Management Platform

Fresno, Calif. -- DPS Telecom, a leading developer of network alarm monitoring solutions, announced today that it has integrated a newly enhanced graphical alarm display into its multi-protocol T/Mon alarm master.

DPS Telecom designs and manufactures monitoring systems for operators of geo-diverse networks, primarily phone companies. DPS equipment provides status alerts, known in the industry as "alarms", to the appropriate technician or dispatcher, accelerating repairs and maximizing service reliability for customers.

T/Mon is the flagship DPS master system deployed in NOC centers worldwide. With the ability to communicate in over 25 protocols, T/Mon gathers alarms from a broad range of network equipment and notifies operators.

T/Mon GFX is the next evolution of the T/Mon interface. It allows operators to view alarms visually on geographic maps, making viewing and responding to alarms very intuitive.

The Windows-based T/Mon GFX software supports multiple map layers, making identifying alarms very easy. Operators can drill down from regions, to cities, to sites, to photographs of their equipment racks. This provides visualization of alarms right down to the network devices themselves, rapidly accelerating repair operations.

To prepare for the launch of T/Mon GFX, the DPS Engineering Team has added a wealth of enhancements to the T/Mon GUI. "We've enhanced the internal program architecture to make the user experience more intuitive," said DPS Engineer Sergey Dub. "The new control interfaces will be very familiar to Windows users."

The DPS Engineering Team also achieved a considerable boost in application performance. T/Mon GFX has been streamlined to keep up with the very fast T/Mon NOC.

Further improving the user experience, the T/Mon GFX alarm database is now hosted directly on T/Mon. This ensures all GFX users are synchronized to the current map and configuration database.

T/Mon GFX includes built-in support for two simultaneous users, with the option to add many more as networks expand. "We consider the new T/Mon GFX to be such an enhancement that we want all T/Mon users to be able to experience it," said DPS Telecom President Eric Storm.

T/Mon GFX runs on any standard Windows workstation, but all core monitoring operations are handled by the ultra-reliable T/Mon platform. When this reliability is combined with enhanced security, T/Mon users can be sure that their mission-critical alarm monitoring will perform when it's needed most.

As part of its continuing commitment to total client support, DPS Telecom will give complimentary copies of T/Mon GFX to clients who have invested in T/Mon Gold Plan maintenance agreements.

"A T/Mon Gold Plan is the best way to keep your monitoring system up-to-date," said Rick Dodd, DPS Director of Sales. "You receive every major T/Mon software update, free seats at DPS Factory Training, priority tech support, and more. In the case of T/Mon GFX, our Gold Plan clients are getting a free copy of an advanced multi-user T/Mon GUI."

For more information about the benefits of T/Mon GFX, visit www.DpsTelecom.com/tmon_gfx .

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