New Product Announcement: T/Mon DTMF/Voice Interface

DTMF/Voice Interface
Simplicity and convenience: Ack or tag alarms from a touch-tone phone with the T/Mon DTMF/Voice Interface

Acknowledge or tag alarms with just a phone call! The new T/Mon DTMF/Voice Interface makes any touch-tone phone a remote terminal for contacting your T/Mon NOC.

The DTMF/Voice Interface, combined with the T/Mon DTMF On-Call Software Module, provide an easy touch-tone interface to T/Mon NOC. It's the ideal way for field techs to stay in touch with the central office automatically.

T/Mon DTMF / Voice Interface example
Immediate and simple: Ack one or all standing alarms, identified by the ID number from your pager notification.

Ack or Tag a Single or All Alarms via Telephone

Here's how the DTMF/Voice Interface works. Let's say a technician in the field receives an alarm on his pager. The page contains an eight-digit ID number that uniquely identifies the alarm.

Using a touch-tone phone to dial the T/Mon DTMF/Voice Interface, the technician can acknowledge one or all COS alarms, or he can tag an alarm to temporarily silence it.

Easy Installation and No Databasing Required

The T/Mon DTMF/Voice Interface connects to a standard POTS line. The T/Mon DTMF/Voice Interface's compact design makes it easy to install in either 19" or 23" equipment racks, while saving valuable rack space for other revenue-making equipment.

The DTMF On-Call Software Module provides easy plug-and-play integration with the T/Mon DTMF / Voice Interface and T/Mon NOC - no extra databasing required.

The T/Mon DTMF/Voice Interface is backed by a two-year warranty, top-rated DPS Telecom tech support, and a 30-day, no-risk guarantee.

Monitor Your Network More Effectively with T/Mon NOC

T/Mon NOC will give you better visibility and control over your entire network. Monitor ASCII and 20 other protocols on one screen. T/Mon's standard pager and email alerts, easy-to-use Web interface, nuisance alarm filtering and multiple remote access options will make your alarm data more useful - reducing both windshield time and the threat of service outages.

See Full Specifications of the T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System

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