Slash Your NOC Cost - Reduce Hours Manned & Staff Experience Required

T/Mon supports advanced pager and email notifications. This gives you the option to reduce cost by manning your NOC center only 12 hours per day - or going completely unmanned. You can then transition your current staff to more valuable work.

Even if you need a 24/7 NOC, you can still cut costs with the intuitive T/Mon GFX graphical interface. It makes monitoring and dispatch so easy, you can assign less-experienced techs to do a job that used to require weeks of expensive training time. Now your highly experienced techs can handle more important duties.

NOC Cost by Hours Manned and Staff Experience

Use T/Mon to reduce staff expense at your NOC center
You can reduce manned hours and required staff experience with T/Mon...

Cost Reduction Calculator

Find out just how much you could save each year with T/Mon. Fill out the fields below and click the "Update" button...

My current NOC has:
manager(s) paid an average salary & benefits of $,000 total per year, and
technician(s) paid an average salary & benefits of $,000 total per year.

When I reduce the hours my NOC is manned with advanced T/Mon pager and email alerts, I'll only need:
NOC manager(s), and
NOC technician(s).

I'll be able to move my current staff to more important projects that leverage their well developed expertise.

When T/Mon GFX makes monitoring my entire network more visual and intuitive,
I'll be able to use less-experienced technicians who earn $,000 per year.

Existing Costs:$,000
Costs with T/Mon:$,000

With T/Mon NOC and T/Mon GFX,

I'll save $,000 per year

in NOC staffing expenses.

This will free up my team to use their time more effectively.

Network Management Software: T/Mon XM

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