Get a free pass to OSP Expo 2014 and visit DPS at Booth 711

OSP Expo 2014

Alert: DPS has free expo hall passes for you (call us at 559-454-1600 for the promo code) if you'd like to attend.

On October 1-2, visit the DPS Booth (#711) at the OSP (Outside Plant) 2014 expo in Baltimore, MD. Andrew and Mark will be on hand to discuss the problems you're facing in your network. It's also your chance to see DPS equipment in person.

We have a lot of deployments in outside-plant environments, so attending was an easy choice for us.

To get your free OSP 2014 tickets:

  • Send an online request to Mac Smith using the button below
  • Call: DPS Telecom at 559-454-1600
  • Email: tickets@dpstele.com

If you want to meet face-to-face with the alarm monitoring experts, this is your big opportunity at the start of Q4 - when you still have time to plan for your 2014 end-of-year purchasing and get an early start on 2015 budgeting.

But visiting the DPS has another advantage: seeing DPS equipment operating live in a demonstration rack. The following equipment will be running at the DPS booth:

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Call 559-454-1600 to schedule an appointment at the DPS booth. This way, we'll be ready with fully customized information for you when you arrive.

For more information about DPS @ OSP Expo 2014...

Call 1-800-693-0351

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