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Military Trade Shows: Often Over-Looked Networking Opportunities

An often over-looked market for many is the defense industry. From uniformed military services to communications and support industries, a wide range of needs are always searching for new solutions. Beyond the initial layer of weaponry and tactical gear, there are several other aspects of military operations that warrant constant research and exploration of new technologies. Without military trade shows, many manufacturers, vendors, and support companies would not have an easy forum for learning. It's here that they learn about the ever-changing needs of a well-organized military service. They learn about advancements in communications, networking, and security.

Events such as MILCOM in San Diego are directly aimed at attracting representatives from various government departments. You'll see multiple military branches, plus private security firms. This expo provides opportunities for companies who develop communications and signal processing equipment. It's helpful for organizations that promote networking and security in a digital age. It's also good for various representatives with knowledge in various operational systems management solutions.

Most military trade shows are held on or near bases in order to further attract industry reps. This reduces travel expenses and time away from post. It provides an at-home feel for the military attendees. If it weren't for these expos, many companies would fail to flourish and the advancements in technology may never make it into the field. Before you over-look this valuable resource, it may be time to consider the opportunities found at these events.