Remotely Monitor Your Propane/Diesel With The NetGuardian LPG Controller

Do you use either propane or diesel as a primary or backup power source at your remote sites? If you do, you know that running out of fuel has major consequences. Still, you can't spend all your time driving from site to site to check on your tanks - you have other work to do. You need a monitoring device that monitors your fuel levels in near-real-time. It sends you low-fuel alarms. It even toggles between tanks when one is running dry.

NetGuardian LPG Controller
The NetGuardian LPG Controller gives you command of 5 propane tank analog sensors and valves, with an additional D-Wire port for adding up to 16 additional discrete sensors.

Propane sensor float demonstration:

Introducing the NetGuardian LPG Controller.

The NetGuardian LPG Controller gives you maximum control over propane/diesel distribution and vessel management. This small device is ideal for remotely managing up to 5 liquid propane gas or diesel fuel tanks from a single piece of equipment.

The LPG Controller provides accurate and up-to-date readings to help you easily avoid preventable propane outages. It uses advanced analog sensor technology like Rochester gauges. This RTU can also be used for diesel by simply connecting the appropriate tank level sensors.

The LPG Controller features both automatic and manual gas tank cycling. Whenever a tank is nearly empty, the valve is closed. Then, the next tank valve is opened. This function provides a steady supply of fuel and ensures that your revenue-generating network equipment is never compromised.

With a build-in web interface, the NetGuardian LPG allows you to remotely monitor your tank levels anytime, from virtually anywhere in world. You need only a standard internet browser. In addition, the unit's front panel provides four propane threshold levels and valve status (open/close) through visual LED displays.

NetGuardian LPG Controller

The NetGuardian LPG Controller gives your business a competitive advantage by providing 24/7, highly accurate tank level data for monitoring propane inventory and remotely maintaining site power. This RTU is the reliable choice for anyone with remote propane tanks.

  • Eliminate propane run-outs and expensive emergency deliveries.
  • Automatic and manual operating options that allow you to personally customize how you monitor your power.
  • Alerts and notifications sent to your desk or in the field - PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. If you have web access, you can get the data.
  • Fill your tanks only when needed and save yourself unnecessary time and expense.
  • Become aware of major tank issues, such as leaking or overfilling.
NetGuardian LPG Controller
With 5 valve controls, 5 tank level sensors, and a built-in web interface, you can monitor and cycle your site's energy in a convenient web browser. This can be from anywhere in the world.

Key NetGuardian LPG Controller Features.

  • Built-in Web Interface that allows you to remotely configure, monitor, and control your liquid propane gas tanks.
  • 24/7 HTTP & HTTPS, SNMP v1, V2c.
  • 5 Valve Controls that allow the LPG to automatically cycle between tanks, or gives you the option to switch between valves manually.
  • Monitors and powers 5 Tank Level Sensors that provide you with continuous readings of propane levels.
  • Built-in D-Wire Sensor port to monitor external sensors (supports a Daisy-chain of up to 16 sensors).
  • Two discrete inputs for monitoring Generator Run and Demand.
  • Front Panel LEDs.
  • Front panel craft port for direct configuration.
  • Alarm reporting to any SNMP manager or T/Mon LNX.
  • 10/100BaseT LAN (for SNMP reporting & web interface).
  • +24 VDC Power Input.
  • 7x24 lifetime tech support is included.
  • 30-day no risk guarantee.

Learn More About the NetGuardian LPG Controller.

To learn more...
  • Call 1-800-622-3314
  • Email
  • Send a quick message to Mac Smith using the form below.

Note: This device requires a minimum order.

Level Switches Help You Manage Storage Tanks

There are countless applications where a storage tank is needed for many reasons. From water storage to fuel supplies, a way to measure the contents of a storage device are necessary to ensure that there are no wasted or lacking resources when the need should arise.

Sure, you could just open the lid and peek inside to see what's left, but that is not always a viable option. Maybe the supplies are too large for a person to reliably estimate. In some cases, the stored contents are hazardous. Not to mention, it's rather difficult to monitor generator fuel-tanks at remote sites without some form of tie-in to a remote site monitoring system.

Level switches come in all shapes and sizes. These devices help monitor your tanks much more efficiently than guesstimating ever will. Some forms of these devices use reed-style and micro-switches in order to complete a circuit when levels change. Other applications call for the use of a switch that operates utilizing ultrasonic principles.

If tank monitoring capabilities are quickly becoming a necessity for site-monitoring duties, contacting a specialist in the field of network monitoring solutions would be the best place to begin.

UltraSonic Level Sensors

Ultrasonic level sensors are used in applications where non-contact sensors are a requirement. When measuring highly viscous liquids or bulk solids. These types of level sensors are widely used in water treatment systems for pump control and flow measurement.

Utilizing acoustic waves, these devices emit a high frequency sound that is passed through a holding container. When the sound waves bounce back, the transducer is able to determine the levels inside based upon the amount of time it takes to "hear" the reply.

Ultrasonic sensors can be designed to provide point level control, continuous monitoring, or a combination of both. Because of the low power draw and the capability for interfacing with SCADA systems, this piece of equipment can be utilized in various remote site monitoring and plant network communications.

With the relatively low price, wide range of uses, and ability to calibrate the device to a wide range of factors, ultrasonic sensors are a good solution to tank level monitoring.

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