Water Level Sensors Offering Valuable Monitoring Solutions

Water tanks have many applications across a wide variety of industries. From irrigation and farming to drinking and waste water, it is important to know how full (or empty) your tanks are. Imagine trying to pump waste into a tank that is full, or trying to water your crops from an empty storage device. Both of these situations can have dire impacts to your equipment and profits. Without a proper way to check their levels, you may as well be dead in the water when it comes to knowing what resources you have remaining.

With the addition of a water level sensor into your remote site monitoring solutions, you can be sure that if your tanks ever fall outside of your desired working range, you can be notified in one or more ways that increase your ability to respond faster, with the right equipment, and prepared for what to expect when you arrive. This reduction in windshield time further leads to an increased level of productivity and profits.

These little discrete alarm units have a float that moves up and down a stem depending on the liquid levels inside your storage containers. The float contains a small magnet, while the stem houses a dry reed switch. When the magnet passes over the proper spot on the stem, the reed is magnetized allowing the contacts to come together to complete a circuit. When the float returns to its previous position, the contacts separate allowing for the circuit to be broken.

This circuit, since it is so simple, allows for installation in a variety of method. They can be directly wired into a light-circuit to trigger a light notification, or they can be utilized in a system of computers that can be set up to notify a technician, turn on/off a pump, or one of several other tasks depending on your application needs.

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