3 Fatal Mistakes In Managing Alarms

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About the Author

Bob Berry is the founder and CEO of DPS Telecom, a leading developer of integrated network alarm monitoring solutions. Bob's engineering skill and dedication to solving his clients' real-world problems has grown DPS from a small consulting firm to an Inc. 500 company. Bob Berry

Executive Summary

Most executives are bound to make three classic mistakes with their network reliability strategies. These mistakes can sabotage real value, preventing you from realizing the huge benefits from network alarm management and the reliability it can bring to your communications and data network.

This white paper will show you what these three fatal mistakes are and the secrets to avoiding them.

White Paper Table of Contents

About The Author - Bob Berry
About The Author - Bob Berry (Continued)
Prevent Network and Equipment Outages to Prevent Customer Churn
You Can't Ignore These Common Mistakes
Mistake #1: Trying To Get By With An Inadequate Monitoring System
An Aging Alarm Management System is a Threat to Your Network
Improved Network Reliability is a Competitive Advantage
Not Integrating Incompatible Monitoring Systems
Making Integration Work
Deploying a Network Monitoring System Without Expert Advice
Deploying a Network Monitoring System Without Expert Advice (Continued)
The Technology That Underlies Network Reliability
Case Study: KMC Telecom
Case Study: KMC Telecom (Continued)
How a Real Life Tech Support Call Saved Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars
The Legacy Masters Were Dying
Developing the Custom Solution
Get the Facts Before You Purchase Your Next Network Monitoring System

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