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Introduction: The Number One Cause of Customer Churn You Can Control

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The telecom market of the 21st century is customer-driven and intensely competitive. This makes the reliability of your telecom network more important to your business than ever before.

Customers today regard telecommunications services as an undifferentiated commodity. For years, providers have been engaged in a bidding war to buy customers with steep price cuts and service bundling. Customers expect service to be cheap, and they don't hesitate to switch for a better offer.

The new number portability regulations will raise customer churn rates even higher. The research firm Gartner estimates that eventually 10 percent of telecom customers will switch.

Network Reliability is a Competitive Advantage

Under competition this intense, small differences mean a lot. If you can generate even slightly better customer satisfaction, you can retain and attract more customers than your competition.

Network reliability is the key driver of customer satisfaction. It doesn't matter how low your prices are-if your network services are not reliable, you will drive customers away.

Reliability is the #1 cause of churn that you can control. Source: Telephony Online "Care Packages".

Research has shown that, after offers of better deals, network reliability is the number one cause of customer churn that you can control.

Anything you can do to increase your network's reliability will give you the crucial competitive edge you need to survive and prosper in today's economy.

What Used to Work Doesn't Anymore

The problem is, what used to work in network monitoring doesn't work anymore. To achieve service levels that will distinguish you from your competitors, you need the latest network monitoring technology. And you need to implement it in a shorter time with a reduced staff and a reduced budget.

You Can't Ignore These Common Mistakes

You can't afford to make a mistake. Your network monitoring is too critical to your business.

Choose the right road to success
The executives who
make these mistakes
are smart people
who believe they're
making sound
business decisions.

But everyday there are telecom executives making mistakes-avoidable mistakes-with their network monitoring. These mistakes can be very expensive to fix, and they can result in irreparable loss of reputation with your customers.

The executives who make these mistakes are smart people, who believe they're making sound business decisions. What they don't realize is that network monitoring is a highly technical and specialized field. If you don't get expert advice, you might make the same mistakes.

Fortunately, you've found this paper. I'm going to show you the three most common-and most fatal-mistakes telecom executives make with their network monitoring. I'll also show you how to avoid these mistakes, and get a crucial competitive edge over your opponents in the marketplace.

Today's tough competition will break you or make you. But that's what makes it a great time to be in business. This is your opportunity to avoid the mistakes your competitors are making-your chance to stand out in a competitive marketplace. Let's take a look at how...

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