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An Aging Alarm Management System is a Threat to Your Network

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An Aging Alarm Management System is a Threat to Your Network

The chief problem with older network monitoring systems is that they are inadequate for maintaining network reliability in today's challenging operating environment and hypercompetitive marketplace.

Legacy Remotes
An inadequate or aging monitoring
system simply cannot provide
the visibility or reliability
your customers demand.

But there are other problems associated with using an older monitoring system:

Technology and functionality decline: Maintaining an older system is difficult. It becomes more difficult the older it gets. Physical faults accumulate. Equipment starts to break down. Network visibility gradually declines. Finally, a serious network threat goes unrecognized. You lose hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars of revenue. The upfront cost of purchasing new equipment is more cost effect than the loss of revenue and/or clients.

Equipment is no longer supported: Many older systems are no longer supported by the manufacturer. If your system breaks down, you may find that it's impossible to get spare parts, guaranteed repairs, or even get technical support on the dated equipment.

Technicians can no longer work on equipment: Finding technicians that can repair outdated equipment can be next to impossible, and highly expensive.

Systems no longer report to each other: Often, new remote telemetry units aren't available for older systems, so network deployments are fixed-the reliability management system can't extend to meet the needs of a growing network. Incremental upgrades to your system can help you avoid an entire network roll-out, costing you more money and time in the long run.

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