Conclusion: The Technology That Underlies Network Reliability.

Network Reliability Management
is the fundamental technology
of reliable telecommunications

I've shown you three of the common mistakes telecom executives make with their network operating systems-unfortunately, there's a lot more potential pitfalls out there.

You're putting your energy, effort, and money into fixing fatal mistakes after the fact. It may be time to take a more careful look at how you can protect yourself. You need a network monitoring strategy that saves aggravation.

Remember the vital role that network reliability plays in your business. It's all about avoiding customer churn. There are three main reasons that customers report when they switch providers:

  1. Price.
  2. Network Reliability.
  3. Customer Service.

If you stay competitive on these three fronts, you've eliminated the causes of over half of your customer churn rate.

Of these three factors, network reliability is the most effective for retaining customers. Price cutting doesn't create customer loyalty. If you don't differentiate yourself from the competition, you'll lose the customers you acquire through price cuts to the next provider who offers an even cheaper offer.

Providing reliable network services is the best way to differentiate yourself. Network reliability management is the technology that underlies all reliable telecommunications service.

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