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QuickTips E-Magazine - October 24, 2003

DPS Telecom - We protect your network like your business depends on it
October 14, 2003
Volume 1, Issue 5

Free SNMP Resource, Available Exclusively to QuickTips Subscribers

Ron Stover - DPS Telecom Technical Support
Ron Stover
DPS Telecom
Technical Support

The significant long-term trend in network monitoring is the establishment of SNMP as a de facto standard for many remote telemetry applications. Network managers who want to stay ahead of the curve are looking for solid information about using SNMP for real-world telecommunications network monitoring.

We at DPS know our clients want to know more about SNMP, but we were still surprised by the high demand for our SNMP Tutorial, which is now the most visited page on our website. Since we first posted the tutorial, it's been viewed over 50,000 times. Other Internet resources, including university websites, frequently link to the SNMP Tutorial, referring to it as an excellent introduction to SNMP.

So we decided to make a good thing better. We expanded the SNMP Tutorial with additional information on using SNMP for specific monitoring applications, based on DPS Telecom's experience in creating thousands of successful SNMP implementations for our clients.

The expanded white paper, "SNMP Tutorial: A Fast Track Introduction to SNMP and its Practical Use in Network Alarm Management," is ordinarily sold for $36.95 a copy. But we're making it available to QuickTips subscribers as a free PDF download.

We think you'll find the SNMP Tutorial a valuable resource. Unlike other SNMP references, which are written for IT managers of computer networks, the SNMP Tutorial contains exclusive information on using SNMP for monitoring telecommunications networks.

Download it now, and start applying this valuable information today. And if you find the SNMP Tutorial helpful, please let us know. We'd love to feature your successful SNMP monitoring implementation in a future issue of QuickTips.

Ron Stover,
DPS Telecom Technical Support

P.S. To get even more quality SNMP information, check out our SNMP Applications Knowledge Base. This unique resource will lead you step-by-step from determining what you want to achieve with your SNMP monitoring, to what applications meet your requirements, to what actual products and resources you need to reach your goals.

Texas Lonestar Networks Builds Client Services on DPS Telecom Reliability

Bill Russell
Bill Russell is network
operations manager for
Texas Lone Star Network

"DPS reliability is a big factor in why I've been recommending DPS to our member companies." -Bill Russell, Texas Lonestar Networks

If you think that network monitoring is just secondary equipment, talk to Bill Russell. The network operations manager for Texas Lonestar Networks says that reliable network monitoring equipment, backed by quality tech support, is an essential requirement for a successful network.

"Remote surveillance equipment has got to be up," said Russell. "It has to be there, and it has to be reliable. Network monitoring has to be going 24/7, because you have to be proactive about trouble in your network. You have to be able to see and repair problems before they cause network outages."

Why reliable network monitoring counts ...

T/MonXM Tip: Use History Reports for Trend Analysis using Easy Tools Like Excel

All the information gathered by your T/MonXM system can be exported in the form of a history report file. This file is a tremendous resource of information about your system.

Analyze your T/MonXM history reports
Analyze your T/MonXM
history reports

Analyzing history reports give you the means of tracking trends and identifying problem areas in your network. You can use this information to find recurring problems, which will help you prevent future problems. This data can also help you plan maintenance schedules and equipment replacement.

How to turn your history report into a powerful network analysis tool ...

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OSP Expo

Learn about how you can make your network monitoring stronger, more informative and more reliable than your competitors - visit the DPS Telecom booth at the 2003 OSP Expo. We'll be in Booth #550 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver Nov. 11 to Nov 13.

We'll be featuring our proven solutions for real-world network monitoring issue. We look forward to seeing you there!

New Software Tool, Analogger, Captures NetGuardian Data for ODBC Database Trend Analysis

Analogger - Captures NetGuardian Data for ODBC Database Trend Analysis

Trend analysis is one of the most powerful tools a network manager can have. Examining network data over time can identify recurring conditions that you can't see by viewing alarm events in isolation. Armed with this knowledge, you can anticipate and prevent problems before they occur, giving you true command of your network.

Now, the power of trend analysis has come to the NetGuardian with Analogger. This new software tool captures data from your NetGuardian analog alarm inputs to an ODBC database.

Get the free Analogger demo ...

Is Your Network Monitoring System Obsolete?

Is Your Network Monitoring System Obsolete?
Aging equipment is a threat to
network operations and your

Answer These 13 Questions and See If Your System Needs Replacement

  1. Is it difficult or impossible to get spare parts and replacement units?
  2. Has the system worked for your company longer than you have?
  3. Is tech support for your system no longer available?

Can your system pass all 13 questions?

Are you still running an older version of T/MonXM? The new T/MonXM 4.2 includes over 50 separate improvements, including new capabilities and time-saving user features. Software upgrades are free to T/Mon Gold Plan subscribers, just one of the many benefits of the T/Mon Gold Plan.