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Maintenance Agreement For Your T/Mon Master Station

When you upgrade to the new T/Mon LNX, a Gold Plan Maintenance Agreement is the best protection for your equipment investment.

A Gold Plan is an added layer of security for your network. It's the safest way to ensure that your revenue-generating equipment is being protected by our newest hardware and solutions.

T/Mon master station

The T/Mon Gold Plan Maintenance Agreement Provides a 50% hardware upgrade discount, free T/Mon software updates, priority tech support, free factory training, and several other benefits to keep your T/Mon master station in top performance.

7 Benefits of Protecting Your Network Monitoring Investment With an Annual Maintenance Plan

  1. 50% off a complete system trade-up every 3 years
    Participate in our 50%-off upgrade program at the end of your third consecutive year as a Gold Plan member (includes four-day factory training program).
  2. Software upgrades
    Includes major release(s), plus updates throughout the life of your Gold Plan.
  3. 4-Day product training course
    Hosted at our corporate headquarters (up to 3 members from your team can attend - but just let us know if you want to bring more).
  4. Priority tech support
    Receive priority support for the entire year (no pay-per-incident charges).
  5. Multimedia training videos/CDs
    Receive multimedia training videos/CDs annually (a $699 value).
  6. Priority Repair
    RMAs covered by the Gold Plan are placed on Rush Status. This means that we will repair or replace your T/Mon LNX within three business days.
  7. Spares and standby purchase discount
    Backup units are essential for disaster recovery. With a Gold Plan, you're covered, with discount prices on purchasing spare parts and standby units.

50% off your upgrade to a new T/Mon LNX

Gold Plan members are entitled to purchase T/Mon hardware upgrades at 50% off every three years. And since the T/Mon LNX is fully compatible with your existing T/Mon database, it's a simple hardware upgrade with no headaches. You can immediately upgrade to the next-generation T/Mon LNX technology without redatabasing.

You can get all the advantages of the latest T/Mon technology:

  1. Processing speeds many times faster than the any previous T/Mon or IAM, providing improved support for advanced applications like ASCII alarm processing, SNMP trap processing, and trend analysis.
  2. A brand-new system that will endure years of 24/7 operation.
  3. Take advantage of new hardware additions for full support of future T/Mon software.

And there are more benefits to a Gold Plan Maintenance Agreement

Our upgrade package is the easiest and best way to ensure that your network will always have the best alarm monitoring system - and it's only available with a T/Mon Gold Plan.

Priority Software Upgrades

At DPS Telecom we are constantly improving the power and versatility of our products. The T/Mon platform is under constant improvement based on client feedback and industry back practices. As a T/Mon Gold Plan owner you get priority upgrades and are entitled to major release(s).

Express handling of your repair requests

Your network can't wait and neither can you. If you ever have a problem with your T/Mon system, ship it to us and we will repair it or send you an advanced replacement unit within 3 business days.

Priority tech support calls

Never hesitate to call if you need help. With a T/Mon Gold Plan, you'll get free tech support calls without having to pay a per-incident charge.

Quarterly check-up service

In case you're too busy, we'll call you. T/Mon Gold Plan owners receive four check-up calls a year. A DPS Telecom support technician will call, just to ensure that you're getting the most out of your T/Mon system.

Industry proven experience

DPS' technical support staff is here to help you. We are committed to providing the best technical support in any industry. You can rest assured that we will do our best to provide answers when they are needed.

Exclusive training offer

Gold Plan members are entitled free DPS Telecom factory training. As a Gold Plan Member, you're invited to send up to three people from your company to DPS Telecom headquarters in Fresno, where they'll spend three days learning T/Mon, remote telemetry units and other DPS hardware from the engineers who know it best.

Reliability guaranteed

A T/Mon Gold Plan is guaranteed peace of mind. From priority repair service to exclusive technical support, you know that you have the full resources of DPS Telecom ensuring that your equipment is always protected and you'll have access to features and services not available anywhere else.

Call today at 1-800-693-0351 and ask to talk to an Applications Engineer about how you can better protect your network better with T/Mon LNX and the T/Mon Gold Plan Maintenance Agreement.