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Complete Tower Monitoring System: Applications


This is a topology diagram for 16 tower sites. They all have LAN connection. This allows RTUs in NEMA enclosures to communicate back to your SNMP manager. The RTUs can also send email/SMS directly to smartphones.

Monitor Tower Lights

Receive Immediate Notification of Tower Light Failures

Every operator of telecommunication towers and antenna structures knows the FCC's strict requirements for maintaining tower lights. If you can't monitor your tower lights 24 hours a day - and if you can't correct or give notice of light failures within 30 minutes - you're facing heavy fines and penalties.

Nowhere in your network is alarm monitoring more critical than your antenna towers. The right monitoring tool for the job is a small, cost-effective, and ultrareliable remote - remotes that can be inexpensively placed at all your remote sites and give guaranteed results for years to come.

Adequacy of alarm monitoring

When a light beacon at the top of a communications tower goes out, the FAA must be notified immediately and the beacon repaired swiftly or hefty penalties will have to be paid. Additionally, with the beacon light out, your tower becomes a hazard to low flying aircraft. Therefore tower lights must be monitored. Lack of monitoring can potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars in fines if outages go unreported, or even greater losses if an accident were to occur.

Protection Against Fines and Property Damage

Sufficient monitoring of equipment, such as tower light beacons, is critical to avoiding fines imposed for outages and losses due to accidents that can occur. Protect against this by having personnel notified immediately if a light beacon goes out.

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