Tower Light Monitoring: Best Practices

While alarm monitoring is vital for you at many levels, it is never more so than with antenna towers. A tower light failure not only stops your daily actions, but also increases your risk of heavy fines and liability. Installing a quality tower light monitoring solution is an good method of protecting your long-term profit.

Ensuring That Your Towers Are Always Lit.
The FCC dictates that tower lights must be monitored and that any light failures must be corrected within a matter of minutes. Therefore, using the right monitoring tool for your tower lights cuts costs by shielding you from FCC fines.

The right monitoring device is installed at your tower sites and notifies you of outages and any other problems that occur. It is also compact and reliable.

Key Features of Tower Light Monitoring Solutions.

Automatic Paging Alerts. - A quality remote allows you to gain detailed info about your tower status wherever you are by sending alerts to your cell phone or pager.

UPS backup power. - Monitoring is most crucial when there is a power failure at your site. Having a remote with an uninterruptible power source (UPS) allows your monitoring to remain online, even when the power is out.

Immediate Text-messaging. - While the FCC requires you to alert the FAA within 30 minutes of a tower light failure, the tower light monitoring system allows you the ability to alert them within 30 seconds.

Your Ideal Remote Tower Monitoring Solution.
You need a monitoring system to avoid FCC fines, but you cannot simply pick one at random. If you do, you will almost certainly end up with one that is too small or one with greater capacity than you will ever use.

The following tower monitoring solutions offer three advantages: cost-efficiency, a compact form factor, and high reliability.

The AlphaMax monitors your tower lights and reports outages to up to 4 paging devices. The AlphaMax also has the ability to remotely activate site gear.

Netdog G2.
The NetDog G2 is perfect for smaller remote sites that require constant monitoring. The NetDog provides dial-up alarm reporting, LAN, and a web browser interface. It also provides 2 analog inputs and allows for easy wiring with screw-down connectors.

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