Tower Light Monitoring: RTUs Have Arrived

A Remote Telemetry Unit (sometimes called a Remote Terminal Unit) Makes An Excellent Tower Light Monitor. With advancements in technology, tower light observation can now be automated by using a RTU that measures the amperage draw of tower lights. They also allow you to monitor sites virtually anywhere without the need for a LAN connection.

How Tower Light Monitors Can Benefit You

These devices allow you to monitor tower lights 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any major or minor alarms. The tower light monitors also provide flexible alarm notification to you via e-mail, pager, or cellular text message.

They also have the capacity to control site equipment remotely with output relays. Control relays are an excellent way to activate backup lights remotely when your tower light monitors detect a primary lighting failure.

High Quality RTU Tower Light Monitors

Early automated light checking and monitoring systems were expensive and were vulnerable to failures caused by utility power outages and lightning damage. Today's remote telemetry units (RTUs) are a high-value addition to Remote Alarm Monitoring and Control Systems.

Many high-quality RTUs are readily available:

AlphaMax - With the AlphaMax, you can monitor and control site devices remotely by dialing into the unit and entering a password code. Even if the power fails at your remote site, your monitoring will not go down, as the AlphaMax can be equipped with a backup battery supply that lasts up to two days.

NetDog G2 - The NetDog provides 16 alarm inputs, 2 analog inputs, and 2 control relays. It also allows you to monitor your sites from any workstation on your network.

NetDog-DIN - The NetDog-DIN (and its growing number of variants) provides greater flexibility in a DIN mount form factor well suited for NEMA box applications like Tower Light Monitoring

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