Avoid FCC Fines And Ensure Compliance With Remote Monitoring

Antenna Tower Light Failure Can Result in FCC Fines and Liability

The FCC has required proper antenna lighting be maintained through tower light regulations. Failure to maintain sufficient levels may result in sizable fines, damaging liability or even loss of life. To ensure that your remote site adheres to the FCC Aircraft Obstruction Light Rules, constant vigilance is required for your antenna tower structures.

Making a daily observation of tower lights by driving to all of your sites is primitive, expensive, and unreliable. The fuel and staffing expense for daily truck rolls to distant sites adds up very quickly. If your staff fails to perform their daily checks, outages may go unreported and your risk of an FCC fine will skyrocket.

Reliable Monitor Technology That Fulfills FCC Requirements

One way of resolving this threat is by using a tower light monitor. This technology pays for itself very quickly. A tower light monitor will help you meet monitoring requirements, protecting you from FCC fines and liability.

Such a monitor can also provide you with an excellent return on investment by eliminating unnecessary truck roles for visual observation while it allows you to fulfill FCC requirements for monitoring tower light operation and reporting outages.

Don't let tower light failures expose you to liability. Install a reliable automatic tower light monitor at all your tower sites for a long-term remote alarm monitoring and control solution.

Top-notch Tower Light Monitor Solutions

Two high-quality remote telemetry unit solutions that will take care of all your tower requirements are the AlphaMax and the NetDog G2:

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