FCC: Monitoring For Avoiding Fines And Decreasing Liability

The FCC mandates the painting and/or illumination of antenna towers when they may represent a threat to air navigation. If your towers fall under FCC jurisdiction, you must monitor your tower antenna lights to remain compliant and avoid fines. Unfortunately, you may face fines and liability if your tower antenna lights fail even if you are unaware of the fact. With Remote Alarm Monitoring applications, this can be avoided with immediate alarms and status information.

Automatic Self-inspection Virtually Eliminates Your Risk of Fines from Unknown Outages of Tower Antenna Lights

The FCC has recently released a self-inspection report that answers: "What method can be used to check your tower antenna lights for outages and how are such outages recorded?"

Section 17.47 of the FCC regulations for tower light monitoring requires an inspection of tower lights every 24 hours. This inspection may be made visually or by an indicator that registers any failure of such lights. As an alternative to daily inspection, 17.47 allows the use of an automatic alarm that provides an indication of the failure of any lamp to the station licensee.

Installing a High-Quality Monitoring Solution will decrease Your Risk of Liability

Such self-inspection can best be served by installing a high-quality remote alarm monitoring and control system such as the NetDog G2 or AlphaMax that will monitor your tower antenna lights. These alarm-monitoring solutions are your best bet for not only avoiding high penalties from the FCC, but also instilling peace of mind that a major part of your network is being taken care of without need for your constant presence.

The AlphaMax monitors your tower lights and reports outages to up to 4 paging devices. The AlphaMax also has the ability to remotely activate site equipment and can be equipped with a backup battery supply that lasts up to two days.

Netdog G2:
The NetDog G2 is perfectly suited for smaller remote sites that require constant monitoring. The NetDog provides dial-up alarm reporting, LAN connectivity, and a convenient web browser interface. It also provides 2 analog inputs and allows for easy wiring with screw-down connectors.

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