Microwave System - An Introduction And Remote Monitoring Guide

A microwave system is a system of gear used for microwave data transmission. The typical microwave system includes radios located high atop microwave towers, which are used for the transmission of microwave communications using line of sight microwave radio technology.

Microwave Towers are the Most Visible Component of the Microwave System.
A microwave system is composed of at least two microwave towers. At the top of these towers are antennas. These antennas are what allow the transmitter hardware of the system to transmit data from site to site. The area between the system components must be clear of any major structures, such as tall buildings, mountains, or other objects that could obstruct microwave transmission. Only when this has been achieved can data travel through the microwave system.

This is why microwave communication is grouped as a 'line of sight' technology. When planning a microwave radio system, one must remember the requirements of microwave gear. Microwave antennas must be placed at the top of tall radio towers to provide a clear path. This allows the microwave system data to travel the long distances required by telecom service providers.

Network Alarm Monitoring is an Important Aspect of Microwave System Planning.
Another important aspect of planning a microwave system is providing for monitoring of all of the system components. Monitoring your microwave system with an advanced alarm master and a fleet of remote telemetry units (RTU's) will help you to protect your network uptime. The system instantly notifies you of problems with any of your microwave gear. This will allow you to quickly dispatch techs to your sites, reducing your network downtime.

Make the NetGuardian 832A Your Advanced RTU for Microwave Monitoring.
RTU's are used to collect alarms from your entire microwave system. Advanced remotes, such as the NetGuardian 832A, work with your alarm master to automatically generate instant pager and email alerts for your network and tech staff. The NetGuardian 832A provides you with inputs for 32 discrete alarms and 8 analog alarms, allowing you to monitor a number of devices.

The NetGuardian also allows you to ping up to 32 microwave system devices. This makes it easy for your microwave system supervisor to make sure your devices are connected. With its 8 integrated controls, the NetGuardian can also be used to control your microwave gear, even when you're off site.

Don't let network downtime drag down your bottom-line revenues. Make sure you protect your system uptime with alarm monitoring. Make the NetGuardian 832A your choice for an advanced RTU, and make the most of your microwave network.

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