Correct Problems Instantly Without Expensive Windshield Time

Correct Problems Instantly Without Expensive Windshield Time
The NetGuardian 832A provides an effective system for controlling remote site equipment from your NOC or from any web browser.
IAM-5 NetGuardian 832A

Control On-Site Equipment From Anywhere in Your Network

One of the greatest avoidable expenses in operating remote sites is the windshield time required to send technicians to your sites. You are not only paying for the high cost of the technician 's time, but your revenue-generating equipment is down much longer than it needs to be.

The capability to control remote-site equipment from your operations center is a crucial tool for avoiding windshield time. There is no reason to drive miles simply to turn a switch. Being able to activate backup equipment can make the difference between a momentary network problem and serious downtime.

The NetGuardian 832A supports eight control relays for remote operation of on-site equipment. Controls can be operated from your NOC, or you can connect directly to the NetGuardian and operate on-site equipment through any web browser.

Use Alarm Inputs to Automatically Trigger Correction Responses

Remote operation of on-site equipment is even more effective when it can be done instantly without human intervention, giving you a tireless first line of defense against network failures.

The NetGuardian 832A can be configured to automatically operate control relays in response to alarm inputs.