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DPS Helps EATEL Achieve Fast Response Times

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Automatic notifications ensure instant, effective response to alarms (scheduling and escalation)

In addition to sending the technician to the proper site, with the right tools for the job, EATEL also needed alarm escalation and multiple notification types while keeping within budget constraints. These vital alarm monitoring elements make sure that the proper people are being notified of network problems - enabling them to fix any problems as quickly as possible. Todd added "We have always strived to repair service before the customer was inconvenienced ... one of our biggest concerns is keeping our customers confident in our company."

Since implementing multiple IAMs and other DPS equipment into their network, EATEL has been able to receive instantaneous information as to the status of their network as well as location and nature of any problems that occur.

"The DPS system is very dependable. If all the other equipment worked as well as the DPS systems, there would be no need for an alarm system"

Todd comments "The [DPS] system took out the stress of having our equipment fail without me knowing about it. It sends a page to a technician with the exact alarm." Todd was also impressed with the reliability of the DPS system. He says, "The DPS system is very dependable. If all the other equipment worked as well as the DPS systems, there would be no need for an alarm system."

A Perfect Fit Network Alarm Management Solution

In addition to the IAM, EATEL uses DPS' KDA, MAT, BAU, and T/GrafX as part of their alarm monitoring solution.

T/GrafX software uses maps,
icons, and photos to
create a graphic display
of your entire network.

With an improved user interface, the IAM is a powerful tool that is simple to use. It provides centralized alarm management, alarm filtration, alternate path data interrogation, multiple pager methods, and a host of other powerful features. When asked about working with the IAM, Todd says, "With a small amount of instruction the system is very easy to use."

Todd was equally impressed with DPS as a company, "I am very appreciative of Eric Storm and Rick Dodd who have taken the time to listen to suggestions on their products and are always willing to consider modifications. Many other companies I have dealt with just defend their equipment and say 'this is how it is going to be, work around it!'" He further adds, "Overall, working with all members of the DPS staff has been a great experience."

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