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4. Technicians returning from a remote site to the central office, and then back to a remote site, and then back to the central office, ad infinitum

Do you have any way of communicating alarm information to technicians in the field? Are your technicians checking in at the central office between site visits? Poor or nonexistent communications creates hours of dead, wasted windshield time.

Pager notification of alarm events keep your technicians where they belong ‒ in the field solving problems. A quality network alarm monitoring system will automatically route detailed alarm notifications to technicians' pagers, keeping your maintenance staff productive all day.

5. Inability to precisely locate problems

Windshield time can be kept to a minimum if you can pinpoint where problems on your network occur. How often have your technicians had to drive for hours just to locate remote sites and find problems?

You can correct this issue with a network monitoring system that can display a graphic "war-room" representation of your network on a map of your physical locations. Graphic displays can zoom from the national level to region, city, site, rack, device, and alarm point. You'll see exactly where alarms are occurring.

6. Technicians returning to the central office for remote site keys

If you don't have a keyless entry system for your remote sites, technicians have to come to the central office to obtain remote site keys. If a site needs repairs unexpectedly, technicians may even have to return from the field, just to fetch a key and return to the field again, effectively doubling windshield time.

Keyless entry enhances security and keeps technicians in the field. (Keyless entry is the leading trend in site access. See "Site Access Survey Results")

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