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Case Study: UAC uses the IAM to Save Dispatch Time and Money

Founded in early 1997, UAC is a leading company focused on offering U.S. companies a unique way to contract for maintenance services for telecommunications, data networking, fax and copier equipment. By combining a company's maintenance agreements for multiple manufacturers and models of equipment nationwide, UAC saves its clients an average of 15 percent over current costs and at the same time offers an unprecedented level of service, control and choice of vendors.

Brad Snook, Vice President of Client Relationship Management, discusses how DPS Telecom's Intelligent Alarm Mediator (IAM) met UACs client needs. "Our main client need was to monitor many of the PBX's that our clients have out in the field. Prior to using the IAM, we needed to contract that out. We wanted to bring it in house so we could get greater control than we felt outside vendors could provide us." explains Snook.

T/Mon Noc Network Alarm Monitoring System
The new T/Mon NOC performs 2-4 times faster
than the IAM and is compatible with your
existing T/Mon database.

Mark Swiecicki, Vice President of Operations for UAC, describes the detailed monitoring of PBXs that UAC now receives, "The intelligent alarming information helps us zero in on exactly what's going on in that switch and the location and what may be performing improperly. The IAM actually records all alarm information, allowing us to view it and then work with our clients in an intelligent one-response fashion. We understand if it's something as simple as a phone line being disconnected all the way up to a major meltdown where the switch itself can't function at all. It saves time and saves us money from a dispatch standpoint. Since we know what's wrong, we can direct a technician on what parts they might need when they go on site."

Commenting on the value of the IAM to UAC, Swiecicki says, "The best statement I can make is that I purchased a second unit. It's working great for our clients and we look forward to a continuing relationship with DPS."

"The best statement I can make about DPS Telecom is that I purchased a second unit. It's working great for our clients and we look forward to a continuing relationship with DPS."

-Mark Swiecicki, UAC

"It is hard to find companies with the intelligence and aptitude to meet the customer's exact needs, and I believe that is what DPS is all about."

-Lee Wells, Pathnet

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