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Case Study: EATEL Keeps Their Customers Happy With Fast Network Outage Response Times.

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Todd Matherne - NCC System Administrator
T/Mon at work: Todd Matherne uses redundant IAMs
to monitor EATELs network.

Headquartered in Gonzales, Louisiana, EATEL provides local phone service, long distance, Internet, paging, e-commerce, and web development services to businesses and residents throughout the Louisiana area. EATEL serves over 100,000 customers and was recently ranked as the 38th largest telephone company in America by the United States Telecom Association. DPS Telecom has partnered with EATEL since 1994. DPS provides them with comprehensive network monitoring solutions.

Like all Competitive Local Exchange Carriers, EATEL needed fast and reliable network monitoring - especially after hours. Todd Matherne - an NCC System Administrator for EATEL explains, "The problem with our 24 hour answering service was that it could not tell which type of technician to dispatch and to what location. The technician would have to search for what had caused the alarm." Identifying network problems in a swift and accurate manner is vital to repairing the network as quickly as possible. This is especially true if customers are without service.

Automated Alarm Correction Saves Time, Money, and Customers

Control Remote Site Equipment
NetGuardian 832A T/Mon NOC The T/Mon NOC and NetGuardian 832A provide an effective system for controlling remote site equipment directly from your NOC.

Nothing saves windshield time like automatic correction of alarm conditions. Problems can be fixed without visiting the site-without any human intervention at all. What's more, automatic alarm correction responds faster to problems than any human being can, increasing uptime, revenue, and customer retention.

Unforutnately, not all network alarm monitoring systems support automatic alarm correction. Does yours?

This chart shows how different monitoring system support automatic correction of power alarms. Find out how your current system rates:

Is your current system as good as it should be? Basic Monitoring System More Advanced System State of the Art System
Reports generator failure x x x
Operator must be watching the console to learn of the problem x x x
Automatically switches to a backup battery x x
Determine if backup battery is good x
Differentiates between minor alarm of a down generator and critical alarm of down generator AND bad battery x
Responds to critical alarm by paging and/or emailing support personnel x

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