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16 "Aha!" Moments from DPS Factory Training

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How This White Paper Will Help You

Tips, tricks, and ways to do things you didn't know you could do

You can do more with your network monitoring than you know.

If you have a T/Mon system and DPS Telecom remotes, you have tools to manage almost any network equipment - send alarm notifications to multiple users 24/7 - and precisely diagnose and eliminate problems before they cause serious damage.

When clients come to DPS Factory Training and learn the full capabilities of their DPS equipment, they have lots of "aha!" ideas - breakthrough realizations of what they can do with their network monitoring, and how it can save you time, money and trouble.

This white paper will show you 16 of the best "aha!" ideas clients learn in DPS Factory Training. You'll learn the tips and tricks that will make your monitoring more effective and save you hours of work.

1. T/Mon Can Monitor All Your Network Equipment 3
2. You Can Use All T/Mon Features on All Alarms 4
3. T/Mon Is Also an Alarm Forwarder and Protocol Mediator 5
Sidebar: How Many Devices Does T/Mon Really Support? 6
4. Monitor Nearly Any Kind of Network Equipment with ASCII Processing 7
5. Pinpoint the Exact Location and Description of Alarms 8
6. T/Mon Can Help Coordinate Your Service Restoration Plan
7. Control Nuisance Alarms 10
8. Create Custom Derived Control Responses 11
9. Create Automatic Derived Control Responses 12
10. Create Derived Alarms for Events That Don't Happen As Scheduled 13
11. Ping IP Devices 14
12. Send Pager and Email Alarm Notifications for Any Alarm 15
13. Use a Second T/Mon as a Backup System 16
14. A Secondary Backup T/Mon is a Great Databasing Tool 17
15. Control Facility Access and Remote Site Security 18
16. T/Mon Has Built-In Protocol Analyzer Tools 19
Appendix: Protocols and Devices Supported by T/Mon NOC 1 20
Appendix: Protocols and Devices Supported by T/Mon NOC 2 21
Appendix: Protocols and Devices Supported by T/Mon NOC 3 22
Appendix: Protocols and Devices Supported by T/Mon NOC 4 23
Why Should You Come to DPS Factory Training? 24
What You Can Expect During the DPS Factory Training Event 25
2005 DPS Telecom Factory Training Event Calendar 26

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