11. Ping IP Devices.

T/Mon can ping up to 960 IP devices. An alarm will be declared if a device fails to respond to a ping within a user-specified interval.

Learn more about ping alarms.

12. Send Pager and Email Alarm Notifications for Any Alarm

With T/Mon, you can send alphanumeric pager and email notifications for any alarm - even alarms from your oldest legacy devices.

Paging is the ideal way to get alarm notices to techs in the field, so they can immediately correct alarms without checking in with the NOC.

Email alarms are ideal for sending alarm notices to senior supervisors, and can be used to create an automatic alarm history log. Email alarms can also be sent to cell phones and PDAs that support email.

Email alarms can be acknowledged by simply sending a blank reply to T/Mon.

13. Use a Second T/Mon as a Backup System

Standby T/Mon NOC Application
A standby T/Mon NOC means your network will be
protected under even the toughest challenges.

If you have two or more T/Mons in your network, you can assign one T/Mon unit to serve as a secondary backup. If your primary T/Mon fails, a protection switch will transfer monitoring to the backup T/Mon.

For even greater security, you can place your backup T/Mon in a different location to create a LAN-based geodiverse backup.

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