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Each item here is a "building block" that can be (or already has been) incorporated into a larger product. When you click the links for building blocks that interest you, you'll see finer subsets of that building block and any products that currently include it.

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10/100/1000 (Gigabit) Ethernet Switch10/100/1000 (Gigabit) Ethernet Switch
For delivering LAN to your equipment, Ethernet switches are critical. Additional value may be gained from Gigabit (10/100/1000BaseT) capability and physical integration within an RTU or other device.
IP CameraIP Camera
Sometimes, you just need to see and record what's happening. An IP camera delivers still images, streaming video, and/or audio back to your central office. The recorded files may be stored on a central server for later review. Some IP cameras may also monitor contact closures, temperature, and perform other RTU functions.
Solid-State Hard DriveSolid-State Hard Drive
In most devices that have them, traditional hard disks are the most likely component to fail. Solid-state flash drives have no moving parts, making them much more reliable for high-uptime applications.
Wireless InterfaceWireless Interface
A variety of short- and long-range technologies for transmitting data without wireless. Useful as either a primary or backup communications channel.
AC Switching & Current MonitoringAC Switching & Current Monitoring
Give yourself the ability to remote monitor and control AC power. Know when AC current runs outside of acceptable ranges, and remotely reboot equipment with AC power relays.
Optical Fiber InterfaceOptical Fiber Interface
An optical fiber interface provides an alternative to LAN transport. Alarms can be reported from environments without Ethernet, and LAN access may be dropped off for site devices.
UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
Devices equipped with a UPS will continue to function on battery power until electricity is restored.
RADIUS AuthenticationRADIUS Authentication
This capability allows RTUs, master stations, and other equipment to pass authentication attempts to a central RADIUS server for adjudication. Access rights are granted or denied based on the centralized RADIUS user database.
Voice Alarm DialerVoice Alarm Dialer
When you need to hear alarms via automated phone calls, this technology allows your alarm remotes and master stations to do so. Advanced functions include extended call lists, alarm categorization for intelligent dispatch, and multiple voice options.
Solar PowerSolar Power
Power your monitoring device or other gear from a solar panel. This provides a backup power source when power failures, or may act as the only power source with the help of a battery.
A more secure version of the popular monitoring protocol. SNMPv3 provides important encryption capabilities that were lacking in previous versions.
Serial Terminal ServerSerial Terminal Server
Remotely connect to serial equipment by reaching through a device with a long-distance LAN or similar connection. Buffer PBX data to prevent loss, dynamically switch ports from RS232 & RS485, connect securely with SSH, and protect yourself with isolated serial ports.
Private VOIP communications offer an economical way to establish voice communication across your network of remote sites. In areas without mobile phone coverage, VOIP can be a vital asset.
Analog Gauges and DataloggerAnalog Gauges and Datalogger
These provide intuitive visual display of analog sensor data. Moving needles show current values, and historical data may be logged, charted, and trended for identification of long-term threats.
Automated "SNMP Pinging" (GET Requests)Automated "SNMP Pinging" (GET Requests)
This is a method of achieving "heartbeat" or "keep-alive" functionality with SNMP communications. GET requests at regular intervals are used in the same manner as an ICMP ping to automatically detect if a device is online.
Propane monitoringPropane monitoring
Propane generators are a common backup power source at a variety of sites. These technologies support monitoring of tank levels, flow rates, run times, and intelligent estimation of remaining run-time.
Data Closet MonitoringData Closet Monitoring
Monitor your data closet with these technologies focused on protecting IT equipment. Daisy-chain sensors from an alarm remote across one wire, control fans remotely, and buffer PBX data in local RAM during communication failures.
T1 InterfaceT1 Interface
Equipping products with a T1 interface allows alarm data and LAN traffic from other devices to be transported over T1 instead of traditional Ethernet.

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